Thursday, 17 August 2017

Making your Summer Tan Last....

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With Summer slowly fading out, trying to get our holiday tans to last can be difficult. I often find when I come back from a holiday my tan starts to fade instantly and I find keeping it looking good challenging.... If only Scotland was just as sunny as abroad eh?

I have now been on enough holidays to work out the best way for me to keep my skin looking healthy and to keep my tan going... I don't often get a good colour on holiday because I have very sensitive skin, so getting a good skin regime is essential for me... 

Firstly, and most importantly, a good skin moisturizer is essential to ensuring the skin doesn't get dry and start to peel. This is one of the main reasons that tans don't last as the skin needs to stay hydrated in order to maintain the colour. I love the Nivea moisturizers and cremes, they are lightweight and don't leave the skin  feeling greasy, however are extremely hydrating. Another option if you suffer particularly dry skin is to use a Body Oil... it works just as well and keeps the skin moisturized for even longer....

Using a good body scrub in conjunction with your moisturizer will ensure your tan remains even and doesn't go patchy or cakey over time, as it helps remove the dry skin that forms on your body. This means that only healthy skin cells are on show, meaning your tan will look fresher and healthier.

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If, like me, you find your tan fades pretty quickly, using a gradual tan or spray top up in your skin routine can help maintain your colour that little bit longer, without damaging the skin. I certainly have had to use a few spray tans to top up my colour when I come back from a holiday and find they make my skin look more even without the damage of continuously sitting in the sun. 

Your general health is a key point to making your tan last, so eating the right stuff is essential. Maintaining a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water is important to ensuring that your body gets the nutrients it needs and maintains healthy and hydrated...

...Another way to help make your skin healthy is to take cod liver oil tablets. This helps keep your nails, hair and skin glowing and is a great way to keep your tan glowing for much longer.

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How do you make your tan last? Let me know in the comments below....

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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Kos in Pictures...

So my week in the beautiful island of Kos is over and after a busy few days getting back to normal, I am ready to show you some snaps.

This has became somewhat a tradition for me every time I travel and you all seem to love seeing where I go on holidays. I think this has to be my best collection of photos yet, the island was so beautiful and colourful... making taking these snaps a breeze!

It was sad walking through the main town of Kos as due to the recent earthquakes a lot of structures were affected... you will see some of the damage in the photos. Nevertheless I would love to go back one day, everyone was so friendly and welcoming and it is such a gorgeous place to visit!

Let me know what your favourite photos are below.....


If you have ever been to Kos, what did you think of it? And is it somewhere you aspire to travel to at some point?
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Thursday, 3 August 2017

When you are having an insecure day....

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As much as I try and remain confident in myself and don't let anyone else put me down... I still have an off day where I am maybe feeling a little insecure. It could be caused by a multitude of reasons, whether it be hormonal, or just feeling less confident. It is normal and happens to all of us occasionally...

Their are so many things that influence how we look at ourselves and cause our insecurities. Tabloids and celebrities are one of the most common causes of this... it is so easy to compare ourselves to the images our press share and it causes us to start to doubt our own image. It's easy to forget that the pictures we see of celebrities in the papers and magazines have been highly photoshopped. None of us are that perfect and it is important to remember to be happy in our skin, even the bits we don't like. 

When I am having an off day I always try and remind myself it will go away. When you are feeling insecure, it can often make you feel low and it can also make you think the feeling will never go away. It is only a phase, and will go away in time, before you know it you will be back to your normal confident self.

When feeling insecure starts to affect you on a more everyday basis, it can be challenging to get yourself to see things in a different light. Speak to someone about your insecurities if you feel it is getting too much, whether it be a family member, friend or even work colleague or teacher. Sometimes all you need to express how you feel and that is enough to make yourself feel better. They might even be able to help you by recommending someone who you can talk to, or by even offering some advice themselves. Keep in mind, they have probably been in your shoes at some point too.

Although personally I still have days where I am not as confident, for the most part I am pretty confident in myself and have good self esteem. Over the years of growing up I taught myself that something you might be worrying about and is big to you, is probably nothing to someone else.                                                     Remind yourself of that when you are having an off day... it will help you see things more realistically and hopefully help you feel bette quicker.


How do you manage your life when you are having an off day? Do you have any tips or advice for oth RBS in the same position? Leave them in the comments below....

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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Freshen up your interior with White and Woods....

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With the warmer months upon us... it is the perfect time to freshen up the home with a clean and simplistic look. One of my favourite design ideas for Summer is the mix of white and woods... it freshens up a space perfectly and gives it such a clean and tidy look. The combination of the 2 textures go perfectly together in any space and can make a space look bigger and more open.. which is great if you have a smaller room.

So let's start with why this is such a great look... a look that will never go out of trend? It has to be one of the easiest looks to achieve. Make your walls look fresh by giving it a coat of white paint then accessorise with some on trend wooden accessories... everything from ornaments, frames and hangings can help you achieve this wooden simplistic design look. You can pick up some gorgeous and cheap accessories out the shops to make your room look on trend. If you already have wooden furniture or flooring, mixing up the different types of wood can add a little extra 'shabby chic' look to your room...

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You can also add some colour to a room by using a variety of colored wood. Blue is creating for nautical themes by adding a vintage feel to a room, whereas peach colours can add warmth. It is a great way of personalizing a room to your taste and theme, all while still remaining fresh and clean... especially if the colours are added subtly through a room.

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By keeping a room simple and sticking to woods and whites, it allows you to decorate with whatever colours and textures you like, and allow your imagination to run wild. You aren't restricted to a specific colour theme or room style. I love changing things up every now and again depending on the season, or current styles, so you can really change your room up whenever you like and as often as you want.

 With such a simplistic look, their are a few accessories I think match the mix of woods and whites so well. I love greenery, so any plants or flowers I think match perfectly with this combination to add a bit of colour and to add something special to your summer room. I also love all chabby chic accessories and think they have such a great match for this style of interior. You really can add any type of accessorize and extras to personalize and it will be a match made in heaven

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No matter where you live, what size of house you have, or your personal style, I think that this interior is timeless and will forever be a popular look, especially in the summer as it makes a room look bigger and brighter. Being able to add your own personal room accessories is also a great advantage as it can help you stay on trend and keep up with the latest design.

Do you rock this interior at home? Leave some pictures of how you have styled your room below...

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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Life lessons everyone over 21 will understand...

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Turning 21 is a big thing for a lot of people. It signifies that you are no longer a child, instead you are a young adult and beginning your adult life. Although I turned 21 two years ago now, I learned a lot at this age.. a lot of things that would be extremely important as I got older. These lessons are extremely important in becoming an adult and have definitely helped me as I age through my 20's.
I always remember when I was in school you always thought the more friends you had the better, as it symbolised how popular you were and how much people liked you. I had a good group of friends and I was pretty close to every one of them. However that all changed when I left school and we all went our separate ways. It really made it clear who my real friends were. I lost contact with a lot of friends through the years following and when I turned 21, I realised although my group of friends had gotten smaller, the friends I had were the best.
When you start growing up, it can be a horrible thought to think of, knowing that you have friends at that time that you may not be friends with in years to come, however it is part of life and you will be thankful. It is much better to have a smaller group of friends who are reliable and great fun rather than the other way around.
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Let's face it... when we are in our late teens, being able to go clubbing every weekend and go out drinking all the time was always an option... and something I done for many years. However as much as I still go out and enjoy myself... when I turned 21, I matured in a sense that I didn't want to go out every Saturday night and ruin my Sunday by being bed bound thanks to a killer hangover. I started taking advantage of the weekend and doing more with the time I had... which included lunch dates with friends, daytrips in the car and shopping trips with my mum. The money I saved from my clubbing nights out has also helped me go on many different holidays and allowed me to travel to new places. I am not saying I will never go clubbing again... but just not every weekend... I don't think I could handle it anymore!
 Another thing I noticed (and loved) when I turned 21 was how I looked at myself differently. When I was younger I was always quite insecure about myself and my looks... as most younger people are! However the older you get I think you get less worried about what you look like and what others think of you and instead accept yourself for who you are. I am a much more self confident person now than I was 3/4 years ago and don't worry now as much about my appearance as I did in my late teens. I am happy with who I am and if others don't like it then I don't care!

It is such an important attitude to have to ensure you have the most positive outlook on life and make the most of it... it is just a shame that we can't seem to be this way when we are younger.

Along the same lines... you will also become more determined and aim to achieve things you may never thought possible when you were younger. Getting that dream job, getting that perfect car or buying your first house are all things we think of when we are growing up, but it's not until we hit our 20's that we begin to mature and start planning to make these dreams a reality. Being able to plan ahead and set goals is one of the biggest skills you will learn and one of the most essential things you will use when you turn 21.
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The biggest... and most important thing I learned when I turned 21, was that being happy is the most important thing and if anything in life is making you unhappy then change it. Life is too short to be doing something that doesn't bring you joy, so try and change things to make you happy and enjoy life. If you are in a job you hate, then try and change it. if you are having problems, speak to someone to try and resolve it. If you are stressed at home, call in some help to give you some space before you become overwhelmed worth stress. Things can be done to make your life more manageable and allow you to enjoy your 20's with a smile on your face. No matter what happens, don't plod along with a fake grin plastered on your face when inside you are really unhappy... it's not going to end well....


21 really is one of the biggest birthdays in someone's life because you are no longer a child. I loved turning 21 as I learnt so much to give me a new outlook on life and now I am 23, I am so content with my life the way things are going. If you are 21 (or have turned 21 in the past), what have you learned? Remember to leave any comments below!

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