Thursday, 16 November 2017

My top 3 shopping centres in GLASGOW!

At this time of year, I tend to go all out on my Christmas shopping to make sure I am organised for the season to come. Unfortunately, with the weather here in Scotland it can be difficult and a good shopping mall is ideal, keeping all the shops under one roof...

Over the years I have certainly came up with some of my favourites that offer the best range of shops and restaurants and the perfect places for fellow Glaswegians to gather their Christmas shopping. I have picked my top 3 shopping malls based here in Glasgow that is definitely worth visiting, especially with Christmas upon us...

1. Intu Braehead
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The Braehead Shopping Centre is my absolute favourite shopping centre of them all, it is the closest and has all my favourite stores under it's roofs, including a HUGE Primark, New Look and Next. It also has a variety of restaurants and cafe's, perfect for a mid shop pit stop!

Intu Braehead also hold loads of different events and activities throughout the year, making it a popular place for families and perfect for something a little different. This Christmas they also have 'Santa's Cove' offering little ones the chance to take part in different games and meet Santa himself!

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Another thing I love about Braehead is the Arena within it. I have mentioned how much I love to attend the Ice Hockey games here in previous posts (check it out here at but they also have ice shows, concerts and world championship events held here too!

This place really does offer everything under one roof, perfect for a day out with friends, a meal out or getting that Christmas shopping completed, this place does have it all!

2. Buchanan Galleries
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I am always in town for different reasons and somewhere I love visiting is Buchanan Galleries. It has such a great range of shops, from well known high street brands, to little boutiques and also foreign brands who are just setting up here in Scotland! It is such a great place to find some great bits and even more great for that extra special Christmas gift.

It also has a load of different eateries so no matter what you are in the mood for, you will find something to suit you on your visit.


3. Silverburn Shopping Centre

Silverburn Shopping Centre is another favourite of mines that I can't miss out on. The variety of shops Silverburn has to offer is great and the range of restaurants and food places is great, with everything from buffets, American, Chinese and even Thai.
Their is also a Spa in the shopping centre, perfect for unwinding after a long day of Christmas shopping!

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The shopping centre also features a huge cinema upstairs, so no matter if you are out with your friends, or spending the day with your family, their is something for everyone!

It is a perfect place for a day out with family or friends, no matter what your age!


Their are plenty of great places to visit this Christmas to ensure that shopping list is marked off, however these have to be my top 3!

Personally, for me, these Shopping Centres are great and have everything you need in one place ensuring your Christmas shopping goes without a hitch! I have left links below for all 3 shopping centres if you would like to get more information..

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Thursday, 2 November 2017

Blogs I have been loving this October....

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October is one of my favourite months of the year and always has been. The leaves begin to fall, the days get frostier and the shorter days mean cosier nights at home. October this year has also been a great one as I discovered several amazing bloggers that have provided great content and inspired me to do the same.....
So today I thought I would do something a little different and introduce you to some of my favourite bloggers of October. Check them out now!
Hannah is a beauty and lifestyle blogger based in England who has really opened my eyes and motivated me when it comes to beauty inspiration. Her posts are always so informative and detailed and she has great photography to match... it looks so professional!
This blog is definitely worth a visit and is a blog that although I have followed for many months, only recently have I realised how good the content is!
Charlotte is a fellow Glasgow blogger and was one of the first bloggers I ever came across. However in the past month, I have taken a real interest in her content. Her ability to talk about everything from Lifestyle, to Fashion to Health and nail every post is amazing. Again with photography to match her amazing content, it's no surprise that she has a loyal follow base.
Whether a newbie or experienced blogger, Charlotte is definitely worth checking out for her amazing content....
Robyn has to currently be one of my favourite Fashion bloggers. She has the ability to make everything good and her informative posts help inspire fellow fashionistas like myself.  Robyn is pretty new to the blogging network having only blogged for a few months, however in this short time has created a beautiful page that is set on its way to success!
Definitely worth a visit... especially if you love your fashion tips!
Zoezozo is a small beauty blogger who I have discovered recently and I love her beauty posts. Covering all things beauty and make up, her lengthy detailed posts and reviews are great and offer a good help to anyone who is unsure about certain products or wanting to try something new.
This is a blog that is of great use for any beauty blogger out there... and one I have recently became a huge fan of!
This is a great blog I have actually been following for a long time, however throughout the month of October has been one of my favourite blogs to read and for that reason I wanted to include it. Andrew is an amazing beauty blogger who covers everything from Make up, beauty, male grooming and Hair care. With plenty of experience, his posts are extremely informative and along with great photography, he creates great looking posts!
Being one of the top beauty blogs currently in Scotland, this blog is definitely worth checking out!
Heather is a new favourite blogger of mines, and think her posts covering make-up, beauty and lifestyle are some of the best currently out there. With amazing photography, honest reviews and informative posts its one great overall blog for any beauty lover out there. Heather has introduced me to many new beauty products which I might have previously not thought of and in my opinion that is the sign #of a great influencer...
Show some love and check her out today...
Being a blogger, I know how difficult it can be to get people to read the content you work so hard on. It's important to show some love every now and again and show our support. Make sure you check out these amazing bloggers, you never know, you might discover some new bloggers you have never heard of before!

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Thursday, 26 October 2017

Raising Mental Health awareness in Glasgow...

Although I have covered the topic of Mental Health on this blog many times now, I still feel the topic of Mental Illness is something most of us struggle to discuss openly, fearing it being an awkward conversation and the possibility of being judged. Unfortunately from personal experience, I have watched friends and family go through the turmoil that Mental Illness can cause and it is not only heart-breaking to watch, but difficult to come to terms with. Many people feel uncomfortable talking about their thoughts and feelings to others, as for some reason as it can commonly come across as appearing sensitive and weak, more so in men.
This is the problem, people are fearful of talking about what's going through their heads for fear of an uncertain response. This is why I think it is time to raise awareness of the effects of Mental Health here in Glasgow and start to change... to allow people to feel more accepted when discussing their thoughts and feelings.
Going back to the days of Primary school, we were always told to speak to a teacher, parent or support worker if something was bothering us and of course we all done so with so much confidence. It always baffles me how this rule seemed to become forgotten as we grow up, as now we tend to bottle up our problems and the thought of speaking to someone and reaching out for help can make us fearful and full of dread. Throughout the years, Glasgow has always been up there as being voted one of the UK's friendliest cities and it's about time we live up to this by ensuring Mental Health is as accepted as all other health issues, and isn't seen as a dreaded subject to discuss.
It's about time that those who suffer with Mental Health issues feel confident in speaking to someone and being believed and supported in their needs and the stigma surrounding Mental Health disappears. Glasgow really can make a difference and set an example to the rest of the world!
Image result for mental health glasgowImage result for samh
Their are many support charities and networks in Glasgow and Scotland to offer support for those who need it and are a great source of help if you are struggling. GAMH & SAMH are the 2 most popular and offer fantastic advice, support and help if you, or someone you know needs it.
GAMH specifies on their website that:
'Mental health problems affect at least 1 in 4 of all people living in Scotland'
Which means a quarter of us will suffer with Mental Illness at some point in our lives here in Scotland (a big number!). Their is such a high risk that you or someone you know and love may become affected at some point and it is important that awareness is made to ensure anyone and everyone, whoever it may be can get the much needed support they need!
Glasgow really can make a difference and is leading the way on Mental Illness...
Check out these websites for further information on Mental Health here in Glasgow and throughout Scotland:
For support and hotline numbers, visit:
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Raising awareness of Mental Health here in Glasgow can happen and it starts with you. Be caring and supportive! You never know who might feel they need a supportive friend....
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Thursday, 19 October 2017

Mad beauty product review

I love trying out new things, especially when it comes to make up and beauty, I love uncovering hidden gems... especially when they have been staring you in the face for so long. 'Mad Beauty' is a beauty range based here in the UK who offers a variety of make-up, beauty and stationary, all of which is ridiculously cute and very affordable. As much as I have seen the range in shops, including popular drugstore 'Boots', I have never actually tried any of their products, so when Mad Beauty sent me some of their products to try I was super excited....
I received such a mix of products, you will see this as you read through the post', which meant  could sample a good selection of treats that they have on offer. Keep reading to see what I have to say.
Make Up Range
The first thing I received was a set of 4 small mini make-up palettes, including 6 lip, eye, brow and contour shades. The are literally the cutest little palettes I have seen in a long time and think they would be great for someone just getting into make up or wanting something small and easy to travel with.
All the shades are very wearable and their is a good range of colours to suit every personality and occasion. The eye palette is my favourite as it's right up my street... the plum and burgundy shades just scream Autumn! The brow palette also includes a setting wax, which I feel is a nice little extra touch as this would often be missed out in a palette this size and is very useful for on the go!
Each palette also includes a small debrief of how the shades should be used, perfect for someone in their teens, possible just starting out in the world of make-up (or if you just need a little bit of guidance).
The packaging on these is adorable, the notepad palette and colour scheme is super cute and I can't wait to start including these in my everyday make up routine.
 The next Make up piece I was sent was these 'on trend' Oval Make-up brushes, in size 6 & 8. I have used this style of brush in the past and absolutely love the application they give, so was extremely intrigued to see how these faired against my usual set...
Again, 'Mad Beauty' didn't let me down. These brushes are much better quality than my old ones, the handles are extremely sturdy and super easy & comfortable to use. The brushes themselves are super soft and blend your make up in flawlessly, leaving no streakiness or patchiness on your skin.
I was sent 2 of the 3 different sizes 'Mad Beauty' have to offer and I am very impressed with the size of these brushes as they can be used for a large range of application. Everything from foundation (with the no.8 brush), to highlighter and concealer (with the no.6 brush) can be applied, again perfect for keeping your make up collection simple and easy to use.
For £7 each, these brushes are a steal and would be a great asset to anyone's make up collection. I think I will be throwing out my old brushes and replacing them with these....
I was also delighted to receive this trio of lip balms, shaped like handbags and of course... Sparkly!
They come in 3 colours, with 3 fragrances, vanilla, cherry and strawberry! These are such great handbag essentials (see what I did there) as you can never go wrong with a lip balm in your bag, especially with Autumn/Winter upon us. I am a big sufferer of dry lips so these will be something I use for sure!
 Christmas Range
 I was also sent a small sample of products that 'Mad Beauty' have released from their Christmas and trust me, it's making me excited for the Christmas season....
So I was sent 2 beauty items. The first item was a small cracker containing a tube of hand cream and the 2nd item is a star bauble containing bath salts.
Firstly lets start with the cracker. The packaging on this again is adorable, the black and pink look so good together and the hand cream inside is a great handbag size. This would make a great stocking filler, or Secret Santa gift for anyone of any age. It is Strawberry scented... so a great fragrance for everyone!
The Bath Salts I think are my favourite! I love the idea that you can actually hand it from your tree! You receive a good volume of salts, enough to give you maybe 2 or 3 uses and has the same Strawberry scent as the hand cream. Again, this would make a great Secret Santa gift, or stocking filler, especially for a teenager, or younger adult.
Unicorn Specials
I absolutely LOVE unicorns, so was thrilled to be sent these 2 little beauties. The first one is a small Strawberry scented lip balm. I believe this is also part of the Christmas range because of the Christmas hat, but I think they deserve their own section in the post!
The lip balm as I said before is such a must have in every women's handbag as it helps keep lips hydrated and soft. It's also another strawberry scented product from 'Mad Beauty', so not only will it keep your lips looking and feeling good, but it will make them smell nice too!
The other unicorn item I received is this beautiful bath bomb. Unfortunately it became a bit bashed in the post, hence the broken nose etc in the picture, but I absolutely love this product! Unfortunately, I don't have a bath so won't be able to use this (i'm sure one of my friends will be receiving this soon)... however this bath bomb looks and smells amazing... even through the plastic packaging it smells incredible and I am sure it will be great in a relaxing night bath!
Disney Range
Now on to my favourite part... DISNEY!
The first item I received was this beautiful Bambi make up bag, including a small shower gel and body sponge. This is the cutest little set I have seen in a long time and can't wait to start using the make up bag soon!
It features a Bambi sketch on the front, which I love as it makes it a little more mature and unique, rather than having the actual cartoon animation on the front. The 50ml body wash is a great size for travelling (I will be using it next time I go away from home) and the little loufa goes perfectly with the set. This is such a perfect gift for someone and very reasonably priced.
The last item I received from 'Mad Beauty' is this beautiful Beauty and the Beast Beauty Jar, containing a Hand Cream, Body Lotion, Body Wash and a soap. It comes presented in this plastic jar, with a ribbon on top and rose print on the bottom.
I adore Beauty and the Beast and fell in love with this when I opened the delivery box. It comes so well presented and looks amazing. To be honest I will be keeping the products like this on my worktop, I think it looks so complete.
Of course everything is Rose scented, and from someone who loves floral scents, it smells great and isn't too overpowering. You also get a lot of product for your money too, as each tube is 75ml, so great size for home use or travelling!
The packaging and attention to detail with this product is the thing that sells it for me. The set is so well presented and so much thought has went into the colours and detailing. This would be such a lovely skincare set for any Beauty and the Beast, or Disney lover out there, whether a gift for someone else or even just for yourself!
I want to thank 'Mad Beauty' so much for sending me all these products to review, I truly was spoiled. Please note all opinions are my own however, and I fully tested all the products before reviewing here to give you, the readers, the best insight into the products 'Mad Beauty' have to offer.
'Mad Beauty' have such a huge range of products it would be impossible to list them, so to see what they have to offer, visit their website here:
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Thursday, 12 October 2017

XTAVA review and giveaway...

I have said it before and I will say it again... I am someone who simply could not live without her straighteners. I am among the popularity of women with pretty frizzy hair naturally, therefore I defo need to use some hair tools to give my hair some style and shine.
I was super excited to be given the opportunity to test out a pair of the 'XTAVA' pro satin flat irons to see how well it worked on my frizzy thick hair and was presently surprised on the results....
Make sure you read right to the end to find out how you can enter a giveaway to win your own pair of Xtava straighteners...

Firstly, the presentation and packaging of these straighteners cannot be faulted. The design is modern, yet unique and the straighteners come packaged in a magnetic presentation box and also a storage bag, perfect for travelling. The flat irons feel sturdy and good quality and I think I will get a lot of good use out of these and will have no problems with them!

I always use wide straighteners as I have such thick long hair, so the size of these straighteners suited me perfectly, ensuring my hair was left looking straight and healthy in much shorter time than a regular set of flat irons would achieve. I also need a high temperature to keep my hair from going dry and frizzy, so the 230degree setting does my hair perfectly (although the range of temperatures are great for any hair type). They are simple to use, with very simple controls (basically and on/off and temperature control, perfect for those looking for something simple and effective).
The straighteners also feature an infrared system, that help heat your hair, all while causing less damage and ensuring your hair stays straighter for longer... perfect for me who can get kinks in her hair throughout the day.

Having tried and tested many different straighteners over the years, I do know what brands I like and which ones I don't, however these really have impressed me and have taken over as my first choice of flat iron. They are simple to use and look elegant and sleek, all while performing extremely well.
I would for sure recommend these for any type of hair, however going from my own experience would work extremely well for people similar to myself, wit thicker, longer hair. The wide plates and infrared technology are great for keeping the hair styled and healthy at the same time.

If you would like to find out more about these straighteners, then visit below:
Check out the links to the right side bar of my page for how to enter and how you can enter. Their is up to 15 entries available per person!

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Please note, I was kindly sent these straighteners to review for this post, however all opinions are my own and I was or influenced in any way when writing this post.