Let's compare my favourite foundations!

So I am a real sucker for new and exciting products. Even if I have an absolute favourite product or brand, as soon as something new comes out, I love to give it a go! I have raked through my make up collection and came up with my favourite 3 foundations ever!

My three favourite foundations are:
  • Lancome Tent Miracle Foundation Shade '005'
  • Bare Minerals 'Bareskin' Pure Brightening Serum Foundation Shade 'Bare Porcelin'
  • Max Factor Whipped Cream Foundation Shade '40 Light Ivory'

These foundations are all different and I like them all for different reasons. I also have picked foundations that are a range of budgets, to suit everyone....
So let's get started!

My first foundation is the 'Bare Minerals 'Bareskin' Pure Brightening Serum Foundation Shade 'Bare Porcelin''. This is a really good coverage foundation the leaved the skin looking fresh and flawless. You only need a few drops of this foundation to give you full coverage... which is perfect for my uneven skin. 
The consistency of this foundation is really nice, and blends well into the skins so it does not look patchy or cakey. You can also but a brish, specificly designed for this foundation, however I think you can use any buffer type brush to get the same effect. 
I would normally wear this foundation if I am going out, it gives amazing finish in photographs and the skin looks clear and fresh. This foundaion comes in at about £25 retail, however lasts a very long time, so definetly value for money... a must have for anyone looking for a full coverage foundation.

Another favourite of mines is this one from Lancome. As you can see from the picture it is a well used foundation. This is a really nice liquid foundation that is easy to apply thanks to the pump, reducing wasted product! This feels really nice on the skin and gives a medium coverage to the skin without feeling heavy or cakey. I use this foundation on a daily basis and love how well it lasts on the skin throughout the day, whether you apply it with your fingers, a brush or sponge... it always lasts throughout the day!
I think this matches my skin tone very well, which is something I struggle with as I have very pale skin... if you have the same problem, then I would definitely recommend this one! 

This last one is a bit different and not everyones' idea of a perfect foundation, however, for me it works really well for days where my skin is just needing a little something. This is a really nice light coverage foundation, that feels smooth on the skin. It blends out really easily, I tend to just use my fingers to apply this foundation and it gives a good finish. As I said, this is provides a light coverage, so I tend to use this on days where I don't feel Ii want something to heavy on my skin, or if I am having a 'good skin day!'
This is the cheapest foundation of the 3 and can be found in any general drug store. It comes in a small jar which is good as you don't waste any product,.. good value for money!

So there we go.... my top 3 everyday foundations! Let me know what your favourite foundations are or if their is any you would recommend!

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Love you all 

Nicole x

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