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Recently I had to take a break from blogging as I came ill with a bad bug! It lasted weeks and even now it hasn't 100% went away. I know that I am probably not as active or healthy as I should be, but I thought I would share some things that I  do on an everyday basis to help me stay healthy and keep my body in tip top shape!

Water... and lots of it!!

Yes, something that everyone talks about and most people are probably tired of hearing, but take my word for it, there's a reason that water is such an essential to remaining healthy. This time last year I was really bad for ensuring that I drank enough water and drank way to much fizzy drinks, however days have changed and I now have about 2-3 bottles a day. It has made such a difference, especially in my skin. My skin is clearer and I don't feel as bloated or run down as I used to. By drinking water on a daily basis, it helps keep a good water balance in the body an helps you remain healthy and full of energy, as it helps flush out any toxins.

Vitamins/Cod Liver Oil or Primrose oil tablets

So I have been taking Cod Liver Oil tablets now for a few months as I don't eat fish and I have noticed my hair is a lot healthier and shinier and skin is clearer. If you don't like cod liver oil, then I would recommend Primrose oil, or just general everyday vitamins, as they are such a good way of ensuring you get your daily recommendation of vitamins and keep healthy.  They aren't expensive, easy to get as you can get them in any supermarket or chemist and make such a difference to our health. A must for looking after yourself.

Di-solvable vitamin/hydration tablets

This is going of the same track as the vitamins etc, but these are ideal if you aren't very good at taking tablets. You can get these out the shops and are a great way of getting vitamins etc into your body. I am currently using 'PHIZZ' tablets, which are aimed at keeping you hydrated, ideal for me doing long shifts at work. You take 2 tablets and dissolve them in a glass of water... it's that simple. It doesn't taste horrible either and can easily finish a drink. If you are someone who doesn't drink enough liquids, or is very active, these are a must for ensuring you remain healthy and don't become dehydrated.

Stick to a skincare routine that works!

So it is important to look after your body from the inside, but it's also important to look after yourself from the outside. Finding a good skincare routine that works for you is essential to looking great and feeling confident. I use a moisturizer on a daily basis and regularly use face masks, scrubs, oils etc to ensure my skin remains soft and moisturized! Once you find a skin routine that works and you look after your body from the inside, you will notice a massive difference in you health. Brands I would recommend to ensure your skin is in the best condition it can be is 'Sanctuary Spa', 'Montagne Jeunesse' or 'Roc'... all brands I use and they all leave my skin in excellent condition!

Lastly....don't be too strict when it comes to eating

This sounds really odd compared to what most people say but one thing I always do is allow myself treats. I am never necessarily on a diet, but I do like to watch what I am eating. I never avoid treats completely when I am watching what I am eating as I think it is much more difficult to stick to the whole 'healthy diet', if you don't allow yourself something unhealthy or a treat now and again. I know a few people who are so strict with healthy eating and when they go on diets etc, they don't allow themselves anything unhealthy....within a few weeks they are back to where they started and need to begin again. So allow yourself the occasional treat as you are more likely to stick to a healthy and balanced diet in the long run!

So that's just a few tips for remaining healthy and looking after yourself on a daily basis, please comment if you have any tips or recommendations on how you keep healthy!
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Lots of love
Nicole xx

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