Barry M - Gelly High Shine Review

So if you have followed me or a while now, you will know I don't tend to use regular nail polishes too much as I do Gel Nails and prefer how this lasts on my nails. However I do like to give my nails a break now and again from the damage of filing and acetone, so I always use a 'Barry M Gelly polish' if I don't have Gels on my nails. It has always been my favourite drug store nail polish and think it gives amazing results.......

So the first thing I love about this range is the variety of colours. I have been rocking the shades in the picture as I think they are perfect for the warmer Spring weather and help add a bit of colour to an outfit or look. Nevertheless, their is something for everyone and every season... whether you are looking for something nude, or something a little darker, there is a polish for you!

The colour pay off is amazing for a drugstore brand. The colour is vibrant and clear after just one coat... meaning one bottle of polish can last you maybe double the standard product... great value for money! This in my opinion is something a lot of different brands-even luxury brands- fail to achieve so was very impressed the first time I used 'Barry M'. 
Six 'Gelly High Shine' polishes from 'Barry M'. Vibrant and bright colour with one coat!

Can we also just mention the names of the colours!? I love them.... they are a lot of fun and really do match up with the shades well. Things like that really satisfy me, as the polishes sound fun and appealing.

In my opinion the big attraction to these types of ranges are the fact they class themselves to be on the same level as 'Gel' nails.... which as even I know, has taken over the world of nail design over the last couple of years and gets more popular every day. Now lets face it... no regular nail polish will ever be able to give the same results as a proper Gel product (and if their is, please tell me!), however this product has amazed me with its overall lasting power. I can get this to last 5-6 days... sometimes up to a week, with either no, or extremely little chipping or lifting. The product also provides a very high shine.. which make the nails look extremely professional. I work at a desk full time, so this might vary depending on your day to day tasks, however I usually struggle to get polish to last more than a day or two with other polishes I have used!
I can also honestly say that this is consistent with every shade I have tried... no matter what shade you use, you will get the same consistent reliable result. A must have product for any nail addict like myself.

This is a must have in my nail collection and can't wait to try some other shades out maybe nearer the summer. For any nail addict, this is an essential! It lasts well, gives good colour pay off... and at only £4 on average per bottle... a total find!

I have left the link to the Barry M page, where you can check out the whole range an the other products Barry M do:

Hopefully this review was useful and has helped you get an insight into how professional this product is. If you have any opinions on this polish, or any recommendations on other products, then please feel free to comment below.

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Thanks for reading and take care..

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