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So here in Scotland recently, the weather has been pretty unpredictable. One day the sun is shining in the sky and the next it is battering down with rain and gale force winds. It really has played havoc on my skin and a month or so ago I decided to get some face masks to keep in case of Skin Emergencies! I have loved the 'Montagne Jeunesse' masques for years now and love the variety you can get, so I decided I would share my thoughts with all of you...

So as you can see, I have a pretty big pile of masques... I usually buy them in bulk so I always have a masque available for any problem...whether my skin is dry, blemish prone, or just needs a little pick me up.

So as I said previously, this brand suits me perfectly as they offer a wide variety of masques, from peel-off, to sheet masques, from clay to sauna... there's something for everyone. My favourites have to be the Sauna and Sheet masques. The Sauna masques are great if you feel your skin needs a good cleanse as the heat helps penetrate deep into the skin to help remove any dirt that is on your face... and leaves your skin super soft. A sheet masque is great for days where I am a little strapped for time or I am in a hurry, they are so easy to use and give you the same results, super clean and glowing skin!

The masks I have in my collection to day are:
  • Argan Oil Mud Masque
  • Break out Masque (which comes with a moisturiser)
  • White Chocolate Masque
  • Blemish Mud Masque
  • Ht Spring Sauna Masque
  • Glacial Clay Spa Sheet Masque
  • Red Earth Clay Spa Sheet Masque
  • Brazilian Mud Sheet Masque
  • Dead Sheet Sea Masque

Now I have not tried all of the masks in m collection yet as some are pretty new... however one of my favourite masks has to be the 'White Chocolate' Masque.
I am a major Chocoholic so for me this just smells like heaven! It leaves the skin feeling moisturized and smooth... but also helps remove any dirt or oil from the skins surface. It is such a go to mask for me... I always ensure I get a few of these and keep them nearby for any bad skin days!!!

Another thing I love about this brand is that they also offer hair masques.... another plus. I love their 'Pulped Papaya Rescue Masque'

With the latest weather issues we have been having in Scotland, this has been a must have in my shower routine, as it helps fix any dryness or frizz in the hair. I naturally have dry ends, a problem which I feel I am always trying to solve... however with no luck! This mask has helped my ends look healthy and damage free and has gave my hair extra shine... something I feel my hair lacks. My hair is left smooth and appears healthy and frizz free - a massive bonus!!

So that is me for my 'Montagne Jeunesse Masque' review... please follow to keep up to date with my posts
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I have left a link to the Montagne Jeunesse' Website if you would like to check out the rest of their products;

Take care and love you all

Nicole <3

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