My Favourite High Street Store - Spring 2016

So I thought I would start a new feature where I talk about my favourite high street stores, starting with my favourite for Spring 2016..... New Look. New Look is one of my favourite stores all year round, however I just love their spring collection this year.....

This years collection features a lot of pastels and nudes, which has recently became a favourite of mines in fashion. They are so wearable and easy to style... perfect for people like myself who don;t like to make to much fuss with an outfit.
Something I have been loving lately is their selection of blouses. I think they are so easy to style and help make an outfit look much smarter with little effort. I like to tuck my shirts into a pair of jeans as it helps elongate shorter legs and add a bit of a more casual twist on an outfit, without making the outfit look messy.

A selection of blouses featured on the 'New Look' website as of 10.04.16

Another favourite of mines is a good pair of comfy but feminine shoes. I think when it gets to the warmer weather, comfort is key, although I like my shoes to not look to bulky. New Look have brought out a lot of pair of sandals etc for the Spring ans Summer, and some of them look gorgeous. Here in Scotland, it might be a while before we can wear sandals, unfortunately he weather isn't warm enough, but I always like to stock up this time of year so when the sun decided to finally show, then I am ready....
A selections of my favourite sandals on the 'New Look' website as of 10.04.16

Another necessity of mines in Spring is a good blazer. I think blazers effortlessly make an outfit look much smarter and put together and are ideal for what I like to call 'inbetween weather', when it isn't roasting, but it is too hot to wear a coat or jacket! Personally I like a plain coloured blazer, as I love to add some accessories to bring the outfit together, however their is such a range on the 'New Look' website just now, you are bound to find something, no matter what you are looking for....

Some gorgeous blazers from New Look - perfect for the Spring.

With summer just around the corner, I think it is safe to say that bikini body season is among us, so it is time to hit the gym and get fit. New Look have got an amazing range of Sportswear and Gym wear to suit everyone's taste, that will hopefully motivate people to get back into the gym and get fit. I recently have tried to get into running as I think this is an amazing way to get fit... however no matter what you are into, whether you are a gym person like myself, or if you prefer to keep fit outdoors, their will be something for you....

Range of gym wear, featured on the New Look website

My last favourite when it comes to Spring clothes, is a good pair of trousers, ones that are comfortable and easy to wear. I love a good paid of jeans, but when it comes to the warmer and brighter months, I like to try something new. Whether you like a pair of comfortable wide legged trousers, or a flattering pair of tapered trousers, their will be something bound to suit you on the website...

Spring/Summer trousers for the warmer seasons... a must in anyone's wardrobe!

So that is it for my favourite High Street store of Spring 2016 - New Look
Definitely a must go place if you are looking for some new key Spring/Summer pieces for your wardrobe as they have some lovely items. New Look have always been one of my favourite stores all year round as the clothes are always good quality and never fail to disappoint me... such good value for money!

Want to check out what else New Look have on offer.. I will leave their link here:

Let me know in the comments what your favourite shops or key pieces are... would love to know!

Until next time, take care and lots of love
Nicole <3

Please note that this blog post is in no way sponsored by New Look and all opinions are my own. I am not being paid in any way by anyone regarding this post. None of the pictures used in this blog, belong to myself and were used directly from the New Look website to showcase what items were on offer. This blog was written on 10/4/16 and on this date all the above items were on sale on the New Look website.

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