My Go-to Perfumes!

So today I thought I would share with you my go-to perfumes and body sprays.... whether it be an everyday light body spray, or something for a big night out! I have a small but reliable collection of different perfumes that also range in price to suit everyone's budget, so lets get started....

My everyday body sprays

So I ave 2 body sprays that I like to use as an everyday 'freshen up'. They are both really fruity and light and are a nice to use on the go, as they aren't heavy, or to strong!

I will start with 'The Body Shop' Body Mist in 'Strawberry'! This is a body spray I have been using for a few years now and I still love it... it is extremely refreshing! I tend to use this on holidays as a freshen up around the pool or beach, or on the rare occasion we get nice weather here in Scotland as it just reminds me of summer! It is not too expensive either and I think it is very reasonable considering the size of the bottle! I am also sure you can get this in other scents (mostly other fruit eg Mango) if you aren't a strawberry person.. however 'strawberry' is a favourite of mines!

Another favourite is the 'Soap and Glory' body spays.... the bottle in the picture is 'Fruitigo'. I actually got this for Christmas last year and it comes in a pack of 3, however I have used the other 2 up and now only have one left! This bottle in particular is very similar to 'The Body  Shop' body spray, as it is very fruity and fresh. I do think that the 'Soap and Glory' bottles are easier to carry with you on the go, as the bottle is plastic and a bit smaller, so much easier to throw into your handbag, however I do love both products and think that they are equally up their with my favourite everyday body sprays!

Something a little sweeter....

Staying on the same line as body sprays... I couldn't miss out the 'Victoria Secret' body sprays! The thing that amazes me about these body sprays is firstly, the range of fragrances they offer! I absolutely love the variety and it allows you to find something you will love, no matter what your preferences are! Also I love how much product you get in the bottle! I am still working my way through bottles I have had for a few years now! Such good value for money!

The 2 bottles I have here are 'Coconut Passion' and 'Secret Charm' both of which smell completely different!
'Coconut Passion' has a lovely smell of coconut and Vanilla and therefore is very sweet. I love this for maybe going out for dinner or going to the shops, as it is sweet but wearable for everyday. Another favourite of mines is the 'Secret Charm'. This is much more fresh and floral and I like to use this if I am going out on a day trip or spending a lot of time outdoors as it just reminds me of Spring flowers and a fresh spring breeze! A must have in my collection.... and definitely a couple of my favourite scents!

Something for a night out!

So now onto something a bit more suitable for a night out in the town, or for grabbing a few drinks with the girls! This perfume is from Rihanna, and is called 'Rebel De Fleur'. I absolutely love this fragrance! 
So this is an extremely musky fragrance, which I absolutely love! Rihanna has got another perfume, which is just called 'Rebel', however I much prefer this fragrance. It is actually quite a unique smell, which is something I really like about it as I don't have anything like this in my collection. Again it is an extremely affordable product and you get a lot of product for the price you pay, so it is good value for money. I also find this lasts for a long time after you spray it and the smell doesn't fade to quickly, which I find is quite unusual for celebrity perfumes. This is such a find and when I run out, I will be repurchasing it for sure!

My favourite brand of perfume!!!!

Marc Jacobs!!!

Marc Jacobs has got to be my all time favourite perfume brand as I am still to come across a fragrance I don't like! I think in the past I have owned the fragrances 'Honey', 'Dot' and 'Daisy Dream' however I now own their new fragrance 'Decadence'. I think this new perfume has to be my favourite of theirs so far... although that could easily change!
First of all, lets talk about the packaging... have you ever seen anything like it!? All Marc Jacobs bottles are amazing and like a work of art! The fragrance is also so unique and I love it. It is again quite musky, but also quite sweet, which makes it suitable for wearing during the day, but also wearable at night! This is definitely a perfume you would need to splash out on, as it is pretty expensive, however I always like to have a luxury perfume in my collection for special occasions! 
I will for sure be getting a new Marc Jacobs perfume when this runs out, it is such a necessity in my collection and something completely different! LOVE IT!!

So that is it for my Perfume collection.. it is a very small collection, but has everything covered and is very reliable for any occasion! 
Let me know in the comments what your favourite perfumes are, or if their is any you would recommend! Would love to hear them!

Love you all and remember to follow! <3

Take care...

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