My top 3 Springtime Lipsticks.

So today I thought I would talk about my top 3 Springtime Lipsticks and share my opinions with you all! 
I am definitely a Lip-gloss girl if I have to be honest.. I am very picky with certain formulas as I find they leave my lips quite dry, however the 3 that I have picked to feature here have always been reliable and look and feel really nice on the lips. So lets get started.....

So I have focused this favourites blog around drugstore items, as this is much more affordable and easier to find in the shops. My favourite 3 are

  • B-Beauty Lipstick in shade  , Eaton Mess
  • L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick in shade 102, Rode Finale
  • Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick in shade 8
I really like these lipsticks and the have extremely nice formulas and don't leave the lips dry or looking chapped... a problem I find quite common as I suffer dry lips quite regularly. The colour is also very lasting in all three lip products which I love in a lipstick, as it stops you from having to re-apply the products throughout the day! 

All the colours are very similar... they are all pretty nude and light, perfect for the springtime! I really do prefer the more nude colours on my lips... I always find that darker colours or brighter colours wash me out a bit too much as I have extremely pale skin. Another bonus with all three lip products is the price, they are all extremely affordable and easy to find in shops or online (they all come in at under £10), which I think is great value for money. 
I'll talk about them individually now to give my opinions on each product...

So the L'Oreal Paris Liquid Lipstick is slightly different from the other two as it is applied like a lip-gloss, however sets like a lipstick, so I thought I should feature it in my top 3. This is a really nice products to apply and feels really nice and non sticky when it is on the lips. The application wan is a little difficult to use however and it can take a bit of getting used too, nevertheless the product itself makes up for this! 
The colour is a really nice pale pink colour, which I think is a staple colour to have in everyone's make up collection as it works with whatever look you are going for. It suits most make up types, the only exception being if you had particularly dark skin, it might be a little to light on you, however their is a wide range of shades in this collection, so you will be able to find a shade that suits you. 
Ii will say the packaging isn't my favourite, it is a little cheap looking... however I am not one that really gets put off a product by the packaging, I always go for the product itself. If you are someone that takes packaging into consideration, this might be something that puts you off

Overall definitely one of my favourite lipstick products for this season, looks amazing on the lips and gives amazing colour pay-off!!

The B-Beauty Lipstick is another essential for my everyday makeup routine. i love the colour of this one. It's a little more coral than the other two, which I like as it gives a little warmth to my pale complexion. This formula feels really nice on the lips, nice a creamy, which leaves the lips moisturised and soft, something I really look for in a lip product as I do suffer from dry lips. I absolutely love the packaging of this lipstick, as it has a slightly different lid, which you press to click open, a nice little feature for the product. This lipstick is not completely Matt, however out of my top 3, it gives the least sheen when applied to the lips. I am trying to be a little more adventurous in my make up, so I am loving this just now... I always go for a gloss or shimmer on the lips as I feel I suit it more

Overall another essential in my make up collection and a favourite of mines. I can't wait to try out some more shades from the brand...

My last favourite to feature on my blog is the Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate. This is just the prefect feminine Spring shade in my opinion, although I feel with colours like this, you can get away with them all year. This is a much more natural, baby pink colour, that suits paler skin tones. I love having a lip product like this in my collection as I feel I can wear it no matter what else I am wearing, or what outfit I have on. This is much more glossy on the lips, which I love as it makes my lips look healthier and fuller.
The packaging is pretty standard... I like the black tube as I think it looks quite classy and the lid has the 'Kate' signature symbol on it. It looks nice, however I wouldn't say it is anything special.
This is another product that I can't wait to purchase other shades of, as the product itself has really impressed me. It gives good colour payoff and leaves your lips feeling great.

I hope you enjoyed reading, remember to comment below if you have any recommendations for Springtime Lipsticks. Also remember to follow and share :)
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Thanks for reading, take care and speak soon <3

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