Who doesn't love a candle!!?

So the weather here in Scotland just doesn't seem to be making its mind up and the rain has returned after a week of sun (that is some record for us!). I do love a chilled night in when the weather is horrid, just relaxing in the house ready to unwind. I love to light some candles when I feel I need some down time, as they are so relaxing and make your room smell amazing!

I always find that by simply lighting a candle, you can instantly become more relaxed and at peace. When I was training to become a nail technician... I would always light some candles when studying, as I found I was abl to remain more focused and motivated - I am definately one that is influenced by my surroundings!

Ii absolutely love Yankee Candles... they have to be my all time favourite brand. The range they offer is incredible and some of their fragrances is amazing! The candle I have is in the fragrance 'Coral Beach' and is really fruity and fresh, quite a sweet smell! lit fills your room instantly and it just reminds me of summer vacations by the pool with my friends.

However I do also have candles from other places. ranging from high end, to super cheap! Another of my favourites, especially for Winter, is from 'B&M. It is quite a spicy, oaty fragrance and reminds me of walking through a forest on a rainy day... perfect for the colder months. The candles at B&M are super cheap - only a couple of pounds - and offer great choice. Just goes to show that you don't need to spend all your money on something decent.

If you love the look of a candle in a room, you can get candles from as little as £1... such a great way of decoration your space without laving you short of money!

I don't think anyone can underestimate how useful and practical a simple candle can be. They can make such a difference to a space and create an amazing atmosphere. I definitely love to relax with a few candles, a good movie and some snacks... it is my ideal way of winding down! They are so good for de-stress - why else would they be such an important item in the likes of spas and salons? They are brilliant as gifts also! I love giving someone a candle as a gift (or receiving one for that matter).. I think it shows you have put in the effort! :)

Do you have any favourite candles? Then remember to comment below as I would love to read them!
Would you like me to go into deeper discussion about my favourites? Let me know!!

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