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So I think it is safe to say that we all, no matter who we are, have days where we feel insecure. Whether it is about how we look or what we do... us women are regularly doubting ourselves and often feel we aren't as good as we can be! 

I know I do it, probably more than I should and I know my friends and family probably have days like this as well! However I believe it is important to realize that this shouldn't be something that is seen as a 'common' occurrence for women. I do believe that nowadays, sadly, feeling insecure or lacking confidence is a normal thing for women to experience. 

Firstly we shouldn't be insecure. We are all different and have strengths and weaknesses that make us unique. We all have things we dislike about ourselves... unfortunately even the greatest models and celebrities suffer with this problem. However as I have got older and became more mature.. I have realized that in fact I am happy with myself and have gained the confidence and self esteem that I wish I had gained when I was younger. 

Yes I do have things I hate about myself.... I am extremely pale and can't go 5 mins in the sun without breaking out in prickly heat (Pale skin problems). If you are someone who tans in an instant then yes, I am jealous. And yes I do wish I had skin like yours so I could go into the sun and not have to be constantly cautious about how my skin will break out. 

Never the less I don't let it faze me or get to my head! I remind myself of the positives... my strengths, things I am proud of! I have achieved so much and gained so many skills through leaving school and working that I am extremely proud of... and these are the things that remind me to hold my head high!

I will always have things I don't like about myself! Yes I have days where my skin isn't perfect, or I feel my clothes look horrible on me. However I know in my head that although I may have weaknesses, things that I don't like about myself... I will always have things I love about myself, things that I always see as my strengths... and it is important to remind yourself of this!

The key to getting that confidence in yourself is to remind yourself of your strong points.. those 'strengths'. You will have some quality or skill that other people would dream of having! Remind yourself of how unique you are and that you are an amazing person. The quicker you do... the quicker your confidence will grow and any insecurities that you previously had will fly out the window!

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I have read so many other blogs, and watched many other Youtube videos, where people are so confident and have buckets of self esteem. They have all really inspired me to talk about this. I hope this has helped you with your own self esteem (even if it has helped one person.. I will be happy)

Remember to be happy with yourself and don't let social media or the internet affect your confidence. It's time that we all come together and accept ourselves for who we are!

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Until next time...  Take care and will speak you you all soon! 💕

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