How to Ace Disney Parks!

So by the time you all are reading this... it will be the day before I fly to Disney!! The long awaited holiday is here!!!!

So I thought since I am going to Disney, I would post something Disney themed and share a few useful (if not obvious) tips, that will ensure that when you go to the Disney parks, whether its your 1st time or 100th time... you do it in style! So let's get straight in!

Disney Clothing... of course!

Yes an obvious one, but an important one! You don't get many times in your life where you can rock your inner Mickey from head to toe and get away with it... so take advantage! Make sure you buy lots of Disney clothing and accessories-if you have a favourite character this is the time to show it- before you go on your trip as their is no better place to please your inner child!
A lot of people don't realize also, that wearing Disney merchandise can get a few little perks too whilst at the parks, especially when it comes to the on-park characters. You can get a little extra attention from your favourite Disney character, whether it be a little wave... or a huge hug, if they spot you with your Disney gear on! This is important to remember when it comes to the kids! It will create some amazing memories to look back on!!!

And lets face it... when I come back from my Disney adventure, I won't stop wearing my Disney Clothes... I will be wearing them with pride!
Bag - Primark (£9)

Minion T-Shirt - Mens - Primark (£3) / Minnie T-Shirt - Primark (£4) / Bag - as above


Again, another pretty obvious one but also one people often forget about. A good pair of sunglasses will protect your eyes from sun damage, and protect your skin around your eyes from getting burnt or drying out from the UV rays. I hate it when the sun is glaring down and you are having to squint your eyes to stop your eyes from hurting.... it is such a pain when you are trying to enjoy yourself and can put a dampener on your day out! So many places are doing great sunglasses just now, however I picked a fun pair from Primark... again, if you are going to wear something  a little more fun, you might as well do it in Disney!
Sunglasses - Primark (£3)

 Comfy shorts (NOT DENIM!)

Now this isn't one that people think much of... however when it is really hot (and humid on occasion) the last thing anyone wants to be wearing is denim (even i it is a pair of shorts). Now I am not one for wearing denim shorts anyway... I am bigger on the bottom than on the top and I genuinely don't think they suit me... however even if you are someone who loves to rock this look, I would definitely suggest itching the denim!
America can get so warm, especially from Late Spring through to Autumn, and you want to make sure you are as comfortable as possible when walking around all day. I love a good pair of Culotte shorts, which are thin (usually cotton) and floaty, so they skim over your legs. They are much more comfortable and cooling than thick denim shorts and will look great on almost any body shape... which is great if you are worried about all the pictures that you will be taking! They also have a bit more give, so when you are going on and off rides all day, they will be comfortable and not start causing any discomfort.

A must have for any theme park, however these are going to be great for places like Disney! Comfortable to wear... and will keep you cool!
All Pairs from Matalan - ( From back to front_ £3/ £2/ £10

Comfy Shoes...

Going from the same idea as the shorts, a good pair of comfy walking shoes will do you wonder in Disney! It is definitely worth investing a good bit of time before you go into getting a pair of shoes that feel comfortable for you! Bearing in mind everyone will prefer different styles and will find shapes more comfortable than others, it is definitely worth doing a bit of research before you go! Personally I prefer sandals, however some people might prefer slip-ons or plimsolls! Once you have found your ideal pair, make sure to try them out before you head to the parks (You don't want to get t the parks then realize your feet are killing you!)
I personally am also quite a heavy walker, so prefer shoes with a little support or padding in them as I know this will stop my feet hurting! If you also have this problem, remember to take this into account.... you might need a pair of shoes with a little support in them!

Sandals - 'Garage' Shoes (£13)

Last but not Least...

Disney Ears!

Who could possible go to Disney and not buy a pair of Disney ears!? Whether you are 5 or 85 it is almost a necessity to wear the classic Mickey ears when you are in the parks... it just feels weird not to wear them! You can get so many online now... and get really creative (like what I have done... watch this space!) and get some created specifically for you!
However if like myself you want to keep it simple... then you can do what I done and just get some classic pairs online. I got mines of Amazon and I love them (I will definitely be rocking these at the airport!)

Amazon - (range in price from £2-£5)

So that is it for my essential Disney buy before you go ideas!

I hope they have been useful and gave you some ideas and inspiration, whether you are going to Disney or not!

Comment below what your favourite Disney essentials are... would love to read them!

Love yo all..  and from myself here in Disney
'Dreams really do come true'

Nicole x

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