Top 5 things to take advantage of in Disney!

So after a few days of jet lag and an amazing 2 weeks in Disney with my mum, I am back to my normal schedule. I had such an amazing time when I was away and didn't want to leave! However now that I am back I wanted to do a few blog posts regarding my trip to Disney that will hopefully be interesting to some of you, whether you are planning to visit or not. So lets get started!.....

I wanted to discuss with you some of the things that we had on our holiday that I would definitely recommend you take advantage of, some big, some small! Disney has lots of little extras that can help make your trip more memorable and enjoyable.... I am going to talk you through the top 5 things to take advantage of when you are in Disney!

5. Memory Maker

As you walk around the Disney parks, you will find 'Photo pass Photographers' located in several areas around the parks ready to take professional pictures of you and your family. If you have memory maker, these pictures are all saved in your account through either a Magic Band or Card (depending on what package you have booked your holiday through). This means for one set price, you get hundreds of pictures that you can keep to remind you of your amazing holiday. This also allows you to save all the pictures you have had taken when meeting characters or or during rides at the park. Not only that, you get special videos created that include your family and friends and also Magic Shots, where characters and other extras can be added to your photo.. a magical way to remember your holiday and definitely worth purchasing!

4. Meal Plans

This only applies if you have booked a Disney Holiday and staying in a Disney hotel, however I would definitely recommend getting some sort of meal plan. You get 5 different meal plans, which offer a different number of meals and snacks so you can find something that suits you and your family's needs. We actually had the basic 'Quick Service' meal plan, which allowed you to have one quick service meal a day. This doesn't sound a lot, however the portions are very big and fill you up easily, to give you enough energy to walk around all the parks. You can get a wide range of food, to suit what you fancy and most have seating areas so you can sit and enjoy your food. This is great as you don't have to worry about taking money out with you to buy meals in the parks (the meals can be quite expensive) and ensures that you are guaranteed a meal every day. They also allow you to swap items (eg. swap your drink for a second desert), which a lot of people don't realize.

This is definitely something I would recommend taking advantage of if you are staying in a Disney Hotel!!!

3. In hotel Movies

In all the Disney hotels, they offer nighttime movies most nights for days where you feel like winding down and relaxing. This is a great way of entertaining yourself and the kids without having to leave the hotel. They offer such a good range of Disney movies, so no matter what you favourite type of Disney movie is, they will surely have something you love playing during your stay. You can also travel to other hotels within Disney and watch their movies also, as they all have something different playing each night.
Another perk of this is that they offer you a bag of popcorn to watch the movie.. a nice little bonus. It is such a nice way to spend a relaxing night under the stars without having the hustle and bustle of heading out to the parks.... and not a lot of people realize that this is offered in the hotels. 

2. Fast Pass

Fast pass is a must have for he Disney parks! You are allowed 3 a day, however once you have used your 3 up, you can add another at one of the Fast pass kiosks located throughout the parks. Fast pass is a service that allows you to pick rides or meet and greets that possible have long queues and allows you to skip them, getting you to the front faster. It is great no matter who you are, whether you are a thrill seeker looking to get on all the best roller coasters and rides, or if you have children who are dying to meet their favourite Disney characters. Pick your Fast passes quickly however, as the best attractions go very quickly. You can also use these Fast passes to get the best spots for the festivals and parades, ensuring you get  great view and allows you to get great pictures. This is a great thing to take advntage of, no matter who you are!

1. 'My Disney Experience' App

This app can be downloaded for free for both Android and iPhone and I can honestly say, it is essential for ensuring you have the best holiday and making sure everything runs smoothly. All of the information regarding your holiday is saved in this app, from your itinerary to all your fast passes, from all your Photo pass images to wait times, you will get everything in this app. All of the parks offer free Wi-Fi, which you can use in most areas for the park, so it is easy to access and use. I found it specifically useful for finding what characters where about and the wait times for the attractions, as they are updated on a regular basis. It is such a great way to keep on top of your plans and make any changes easily and quickly, without causing any delays to your vacation.

A  definite must have for any Disney Vacation!!!

So I hope this is helpful to some of you that are planning to go to Disney in the future, from my experience, these were all things that I would ensure I take advantage of if I were to visit again!! They all just make your trip so much more memorable and less stressful.... and let's face it, we don't want to be stressed on any holiday!

If you have any other recommendations then I would definitely love to hear them, leave a comment below, they might be helpful to others who are reading this post!

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See you all soon for another post! Love you all xxx

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