Hey everyone! :)

So by the time you are reading this I will be on my way to Disney! I am atually so excited and can't believe the day is here... this is a Dream come true!!

Whilst I am on holiday, I will very unlikely be on my social media or keeping up to date with my blog. I really don't know what the signal will be like for me, or whether I will even have the time!

Also I want to really enjoy spending time with family. This holiday has been something that both my mum and I have dreamt of our whole lives and will probably for us be a once in a lifetime trip! I don't want to have to worry about uploading or updating all my content whilst I am away.... I just want to go away for a few weeks and really enjoy myself :) 

You might occasionally see the odd picture here and there whilst I am away no doubt, however I don't want to restrict myself to a schedule.. I hope you all understand!

I will be back to normal hopefully, on the 23/5/16 :)

I will see you all then... can't wait to post my Disney blog on my return!!

Love you all and speak to you all soon!

P.S Any emails or comments etc that are received whilst I am away will be answered on my return! Hope this is okay! <3

Nicole xx

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