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I have only been blogging since February, however it has become something exciting and something I have enjoyed a lot more than I thought I would. I love sitting down at my laptop and discussing things through my page hoping someone will swing by and give my writing a chance. Nevertheless it is daunting and can be difficult to get started. When I began, I didn't just hop right in and start typing away, I searched all over Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to try and find fellow bloggers with more experience and knowledge in the hope of inspiring my own writing. Here are some of the bloggers I turned to when I started out that helped me discover a true passion.

Ms Mistry

'Ms Mistry' was one of the first bloggers I discovered when I started getting into writing. I just love the content that she produces and he injects s much personality and positivity into every post. She helped me input my own personality into my writing and be creative in what I post. Ii also just love the blog layout and it helped inspire my new layout, when I redone it not long ago. Definitely someone to check out if you are new to the world of blogging!

'Allegra Sarah'

Allie is another great blogger to check out when you are just getting started. Her content is specific and easy to read, however she manages to inject a little personality into every piece she writes. The quality of pictures in this blog is on point and it does go to show that good quality images definitely help bring out the life in a post! 

Jasmine Simone

Jasmine is a blogger based in London and what drew me to her blog was her complete honesty. She tells it like it is in her posts and I love that. She offers interesting and varied content, ranging from everything like beauty and fashion, to life facts and restaurant reviews, so no matter what you prefer to write about, everything is covered. Jasmine was definitely a blogger that I referred to when I began to help me with my content and I am sure I will continue to do so for a long time.

Paul Thomas Bell

This male blogger based in Glasgow was an unusual one for me. A dating blogger was someone I never thought I would find useful, however this blog definitely helped me, probably the most. This blog is aimed at guys within the dating/relationship scene, however this blog helped me when it came to marketing my blog to both male and females. I know a lot of my content is aimed at beauty, fashion etc... however I like to think that when I write about body confidence or positivity in life, it can be useful to anyone and everyone who needs it. The content is well written and informative, which helped me (and still does help me) write about more informative issues. Defiantly worth a visit!

'The Porcelain Doll'

'The Porcelain Doll', aka Charlotte is another of the first blogs I followed when starting out. I loved the sheer honestly and confidence in talking about personal or shy issues. When I began writing, I was so shy about people reading my content, however after reading this blog, it helped me find the confidence to write about things in a more open manner and discuss things that I find are deep issues. You can really relate to every post, as their is so much though in every single one. Thanks to Charlotte, I have gained a lot of confidence... or sure another helpful blogger for beginners! 

'Glasgow Beauty Blogger'

Lori, from Glasgow Beauty Blogger, is a great 'go to' blog, especially for those who blog from the Glasgow area, like myself. Her page is full of content and is paced with amazing images and informative posts that are not only interesting to read but help you out too. This is such a great page to visit if you are looking for some inspiration when you are writing as again, it has such a range of topics, all of which are informative.

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I will have missed out so many amazing bloggers that have great content... so remember to visit as many different blogs as you can! 

Did you have any blogs that were helpful when you started out? Remember to comment below who they were!

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Until next time, take care :) 

Nicole xx

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