How to keep positive when having a bad day!

We have all had days where we aren’t feeling 100% ourselves. Whether you are trying to get through a difficult period in your life, or just simply having a bad day, it can be difficult facing everyday life when you are not your usual happy self. But how do you get through the demands of the day when you are having one of ‘those days’?

Although it can be tempting to stay at home, curl up in bed and eat chocolate (at least this is what I want to do when I am having a bad day), it is important to remember that this will only make you feel worse. It’s important to remember that although getting on with everyday life is probably the last thing you want to do, keeping yourself distracted and busy will help take your mind off whatever is making you feel so bad. This will help stop you from dwelling on whatever is actually making you feel rubbish in the first place. I am not saying for one second that it is important to avoid the reason, however it is much easier to deal with when keeping yourself busy and focused on other tasks, than it is being alone with your thoughts.

Whether you are at work, school, college... you are continuously dealing with other people who maybe don’t know you are having a bad day. Smile! Yes, the thought of having to plaster a fake smile on your face throughout the day is probably the last thing you want to do, however a simple smile will make you feel a lot better. Subconsciously, people who are dealing with others that are smiling and enthusiastic will be more positive in response, which can help you feel better and make your day a little brighter. So remember.... it’s only a small thing, however a little smile can make the world of difference, not only to improving the mood of others, but also yours!   

From experience, I know, when I have a bad day, at work for example, I really want to avoid the place. It is easy to think that you will be dwelling on this for weeks and it will never get better. But it will! It is easy to wrap yourself into this little bubble and convince yourself that life couldn’t get any worse. Nevertheless, life goes on and although it might take a day or a few weeks, at some point you will be feeling ‘normal’ again and back to being 100% yourself! Yes, it will not seem that way just now but take my word for it!  

Surrounding yourself with friends and family, can make the world of difference. Just a little pick me up, whether it be a hug from a family member, or a close friend making you laugh out loud... it can be enough to make your day a little better. Remember what makes you feel better, so when someone else you know is going through one of their ‘bad days’, you can be there to make their day a little happier! It could just be the thing to make them their normal self again! :)

So remember to stay positive when you have ‘one of those days’... you will feel better before you know it!
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Lots of love
Nicole xx

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