How to keep your skin healthy in the sun!

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Here in Scotland, the sun has came out (which makes a change!) and the temperature has gone up! However, if you are like me and have fair skin... it can be a difficult time. Having to lather up with sun cream and cover your entire body with coveralls and kimonos can be a hassle! Here is my top 4 tips to help take care of your skin in the rising temperatures.

Wear a hat...

Now although I am not a fan of covering yourself up with layers to protect you from the sun (it just gets too hot right?) I would recommend a good sunhat to anyone. Now of course this will only really protect your face, nevertheless, it is one area alot of people take little care of, or completely forget about when using suncream. Just by wearing a sunhat or cap, you will protect your face from getting red and burnt and also prevent any skin problems (eg dry skin or heat rash!). And lets face it, you will look stylish too.....


This is a one a day application sun cream, that you apply in the morning and then you are sorted for the day! Sounds good right?
One of the things I hate in summer is continuously applying gready lotion to your skin throghout the day! It's doesn't feel nice on and takes up alot of your day! Someone recommended this to me a few years back and I love it! I like to apply this all over my body in the morning and it keeps me protected throughout the day. It even stays on if you go in water! Such an essential for people with sensitive or fair skin!

Moisturize Regularly

Make sure that when you are finished for the day to moisturize the skin with a good after sun to stop your skin from drying out and peeling. It sounds an obvious one, but is such an essential to keeping the skin hydrated and avoiding any damage. If you feel your skin is extremelly dried out after your day in the sun, I would definitely recommend a good body oil, which will give your skin a much needed moisture boost - just make sure you avoid any more sun after applying the oil... you don't want to cause more damage!

And lastly...

Take a break

It might be the last thing you want to do if you want that golden tan, however over doing it will just burn your skin rather than tanning it. The best way to build a golden tan (safely) is to take it steady. Allow your skin a break by sitting in the shade whenever you feel the sun is getting to you and your body will be thankful for it. It might take longer to get that summer glow you have always wanted, but it is much safer and is more likely to look healthy and last longer. A gradual tanner is a great way of prolonging and accentuating a tan, when you have fair skin (I do it all the time) 
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Have you got any tips to keep your skin healthy in the summer sun!?

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Take care and will post soon.....

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