Pretty Playsuit or a Darling Dress?

As the weather here in Scotland continues, the summer clothes are out! However are you a casual playsuit or a summer dress kind of girl? I found 2 of my favourite summer items and thought I would show you them... let me know what your favourite is!

Summer Dress

I absolutely love this dress, not only for the summer, but all year round. It is a skater dress, which is fitted in at the top, then  goes out into a skater skirt at the waist... which is amazing if like me, you have a pear body shape. 

The material is incredibly good quality, making the dress wearable not only casually during the hot summer days... but also appropriate for such things as nights out, dinners or even weddings, with a few cute accessories.

I think the neckline on this dress really suits me, as sometimes I feel a little body conscious with V-Necks. However this help flatter your body shape without going overboard or making you feel uncomfortable. The V-Neck also forms into a double strap, which is a nice little extra detail that finished of the look.

This dress from 'Boutique of Molly' is amazing value for money as it is so versatile and a very wearable shape, accentuating your body shape in an effortlessly way! Perfect for those summer days.

Pretty Playsuit

So this dress, also from 'Boutique of Molly', is definitely something different or me, however I love it and I am so glad I picked this up. 

This blue playsuit is very Bohemian, something different for my normally 'casual but smart' style. The playsuit features a wrap front, that has thick lace trimming, which in my opinion looks amazing with the blue Aztec design. The playsuit is elasticated at the waist, which gives you curves in all the right places. 

One of my favourite things about this playsuit is the sleeves. The longer sleeves are very unusual, however give a 60's vibe. I love this, as I love styles from the past... they are right up my street!

This is also great for me, who is sensitive to the sun as it keeps you cool and protected, without having lots of material.

Again, another bargain piece worth checking out if you are looking for a good quality piece that is going to last!

Question, Mark, Question Mark, Surprise, Astonishment

So what do you prefer? A Pretty Playsuit or a Darling dress? For me it's hard to decide, although I think I would have to go for the dress... the only reason being that I think it does flatter my body shape more.. although I LOVE them both! <3

I hope you enjoyed reading and I will be back on Monday with another post. Remember to follow me and subscribe to keep up to date with my blog!

Take care...... Nicole xx

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