What i've learned by not going to University..

Nowadays, it is so expected of you to go straight into further education as soon as you leave school. I am not going to lie... I do occasionally regret being one of those people that went straight into full time work instead of getting a degree in something specific, especially seeing all my friends graduate over the last few weeks. Never the less, I have learned a lot since leaving school, purely through my job(s) that has helped make me the person I am today.

Since leaving school at the age of 16, I have had several different jobs, in several different areas. I have been a nursery assistant, a lab technician and now, I work within Business Support (even at that, I am now looking at my 4th job). On top of all this, I am also a Gel Nail Technician.  However it is by working all these different jobs that I have discovered my likes and dislikes... and what I do and do not see myself doing for the rest of my life. I have discovered my talents, ones I didn't think I had, that have helped me see what I maybe would like to spend the rest of my life doing. Not only that, but I have gained experience in all these different areas... and experience is a valuable asset in the working world, something you can never have too much of. 

I like to see myself as an independent person in general everyday life. If I want something, then I will save up the money to buy it myself, even if it means I am skint for a while! I am definitely someone who is proud to be responsible for my own wages and can manage my bank account. When I started getting my first wages a few years ago, I was rubbish at looking after my money, within a week my money was gone! Nowadays, I can manage my finances and savings... something which isn't always easy... especially when you see that 'must have' dress, or everyone wants to eat at that top noch' restaurant! Never the less, I love knowing that I am responsible for the things I want and when you save up the money to but something you have always wanted... it's the best feeling EVER! :)

Working On The Computer

I remember when I was in school, I wasn't that popular. I wasn't the smartest either. This didn't have the greatest effect on my confidence, and although I wouldn't say I was shy as such, I definitely wasn't the most confident girl in my school. The experiences and skills I have learned in my working life have made me a much more confident person now, than I ever have been. I work in a day centre, as the only Business Support worker, being entirely responsible for accounts, paperwork and personal information, as well as dealing with public, answering calls etc. Never in a million years would I have though that I could deal with working in an environment like this, although I am proud to say that I do! My confidence has grown so much since leaving school, purely through working and experiencing different jobs and meeting new people.

I never realized before how many options were out there regarding further study until I started working. A year ago I started my Gel Nail distance learning course and this year got my Diploma, all whilst working full time. You can also always go back and get a degree or further your studies later in life if you want to, it isn't just for school leavers. This has really satisfied me, as I have recently contemplated whether I maybe should have gained further qualifications, rather than stepped straight into the working life. The amount of distance learning, or part time courses that allow you to study around your work is huge and allows you to change your mind in the future. So don't feel you have missed out, I have now learned that you can always return and go back to studying. You never know, I might go back to studying one day. Don't panic if you feel you have made the wrong move. 

So yes, not going to University can teach you a lot more than you might think, and totally prepare you for your future career.  If you didn't go to college or University let me know if you agree... and what you have learned from whatever you have gone on to do. 

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  1. I'm in the same boat and I do regret not finishing my A-levels sometimes, but I just have to remind myself that uni isn't something I've ever really wanted. It's nice to know I'm not alone x


    1. It's definitely not for everyone and I hate how it has became so expected for people to go onto further studies as soon as school is over! It was something I new wasn't for me and i am now really proud of what I have gone on to do ! 😊 You are for sure not alone 😘


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