Why you should keep blogging... and not give it up!

The blogging community can be a competitive and difficult one at times. You try and get your content noticed and gain some recognition for your work, however their are so many different bloggers out there - covering a range of areas - it can be a nightmare trying to get noticed. So here is why you should keep writing away and not give up!

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Most people get into blogging for different reasons. Whether they want to discuss issues with the world, or they simply enjoy talking about their hobbies. Nevertheless, no one would be a blogger if they didn't enjoy writing, so why give up with something you enjoy? If you enjoy blogging - and you love sitting down and typing away about something that interests you - why would you want to stop doing that? I have been there, trying to advertise my posts to as many people and with not much success. Don't get me wrong, I do still advertise my blog... however now I realize it shouldn't be entirely about how many page views I gain, or how may likes I can get. Now I write because, I simply love to write. I don't plan on giving it up any time soon, and either should you. So if you are thinking of giving up, remember why you got into blogging in the first place and stay with it... remember how much you love writing!

Blogging can be something that a lot of people want to do, however don't have the confidence to start. Again, I have been there... I started blogging very late, just because I was afraid of what people would have thought or said. When I was 20, I eventually started blogging, and in February of this year, I started this blog. The difference in my confidence is amazing, and not only that, my social and writing skills have improved so much from when I first started. This post actually marks my 30th piece of writing on this blog and even the difference between my 1st (check it out here), and 30th posts shows how my skills have improved (and will continue to improve in the future). Writing is now something I am comfortable with and feel confident in talking about and something you should be too.

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All over social media, whether it is Twitter, Facebook or Pintrest (to name a few), you will find a wide variety of different blogging groups and chats that allow you to interact with different bloggers from all over the world, talking about different areas. I have interacted with so many new people who have helped me develop my blogging experience and improved my writing abilities. To have the opportunity to communicate with such a wide range of writers is amazing and I have met so many fellow bloggers through these chats that I have kept in regular contact with. If I were to give up writing I would miss the interaction with these fellow bloggers and miss out on creating blogging relationships with others.

What a lot of people forget about blogging, is that it isn't all about your writing quality... the look of the blog is just as important as it's the first thing people will see before they even read a word! I love designing my page to made it look professional and personal and love receiving feedback saying my blog looks great! Designing the blog is one of my favourite things about blogging and I think that changing the look of a blog can not only portray a different mood but can also make you more inspired and motivated to post content. So do you feel your blog is going no where? Try changing the layout and design... it might just give you that extra push to keep going :)

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So are you thinking of giving up your blog? Has my post changed your mind? Let me know in the comments below and if you have anything you would like to add.. remember to share it :)

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See you all soon, take care

Lots of love... Nicole <3

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