7 ways to help yourself when you are stressed...

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I have done quite a few posts talking about how you can reduce stress and help you relax when you are feeling a bit worked up (check out my most popular post here). However their has been a lot of changes lately in my life.. between my personal life and work, which has made me a little more stressed than normal. So today I thought I would share with you what my top 10 tips are to help reduce stress and wind down. ....

  • Take a nice relaxing bath/shower
Now this is a pretty obvious one, however for me, I feel such a difference after I have been for a nice warm shower. I often get really bad headaches when I a stressed out as I have a habit of tensing up and I always feel so much better afterwards. If you have a bath (unfortunately I don't) then it is the prefect time to pamper yourself and use some bath bombs or oils to really wind down.

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  • Read
I am definitely one for escaping your worries and going into your own little world (check out my Disney posts if you like that sort of thing) and I often feel that just by doing a little bit of reading, you can escape the real world and go into your imaginary one. It will really help you escape whatever has caused you o get stressed out in the first place. Even if you aren't one for reading books, magazines, or listening to audio books can be just as good!


  • Be active
Now this one isn't for everyone, however a lot of people love to work out or go for runs etc when they are stressed as it helps relieve any tension. Now this is definitely not for me, but if you are someone who likes to exercise, then something like this will maybe work for you...

  • Watch comedy
Laughter really is the best medicine, especially when you are needing to wind down. I often love to watch comedians or comedy movies that will make me laugh out loud. It is such a great way to relax and have a laugh when you are feeling a bit on edge. This is definitely one of my go to techniques to de-stress.

  • Do a hobby
Another obvious one, but entertaining yourself with any hobbies you have is such a great way to make you happier doing something you love. I often bake when I am feeling stressed as it distracts me from any problems and keeps me busy doing something that interests me. I love going into my own little baking world and when I am finished making whatever I baked, I feel so much better than before....

  • Watch a movie/good TV series
Engulfing yourself in a good movie or TV series is a brilliant way of relaxing and de-stressing. I love sitting on the sofa, pigging out on snacks and watching a fab movie after an eventful day in work...

  • Pamper yourself
Going from a similar wavelength from number 1, but having a pamper night in can not only help you relax, but help you feel more confident and healthier. Ensure you use all your favourite products to ensure you have the best night and your body and mind will thank you for it.

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It is normal to get stressed, especially with work or university taking over. Making sure you know how you can wind down is essential. Let me know if you know any tips that help when you are stressed.....

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Thanks for reading...take care

Nicole x

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