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I love my Gel Nails!!

Most people who have followed me from the start will know that by now! For years now, I have been getting my nails done with gel polish and as soon as one set comes off, the next set is going straight on. I recently decided to give my nails a break after years of filing and chipping, however my nails were in extremely bad condition. They were broken and as thin as paper! Also my nails were extremely damaged and discolored. Within a few weeks my nails are already much healthier and it appears the small break has done my nails the world of good....

I thought I would talk about how I got my nails back to being in great condition within a few weeks and share my tips and tricks with you all, so you can have healthier nails too

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Firstly, make sure that all product is off the nails, including any excess polish or tips that may have previously been on the nails. A lot of people will leave little bits of polish on the nail but it is important to ensure EVERYTHING is removed in order to get any strength back into the nails...

I would definitely recommend getting a good nail buffer in order to get any scratches out the nails and re-gain some natural shine. I used my nail buffer basically as often as possible and even after a few uses, you could see a difference on the nails. I used a basic buffer block, which you can get for cheap online, however you get lots of different types depending on what you prefer, so have a look around to see what your favourite is.

Along with regularly buffing my nails, I used a good cuticle oil a couple of times a day. This is essential to adding some moisture into the cuticles and nail beds as you will have deprived the nails of moisture when coated in polish (especially if like me you always had gels on your nails). It is amazing how much of a difference a little oil can make and within a few days, I could already feel my nails were stronger and didn't look as dry as they had been before...

Getting a good buffer and cuticle oil are 2 of the most important things to getting you nails back to feeling stronger and healthier. 'Amazon' are great for getting both and they are very reasonably priced!

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If you have used gels for a long time, your nails can be very thin when you take your gels off, therefore I would recommend cutting away any free edge, to ensure you don't break the nails and cause any further damage. When I took my last set of gels off, my nails were paper thin and within a few hours, they had already started to break. By cutting the nails, it helps the nails become stronger and reduce the chance of any injury

My nails were left very sensitive once I took my gels off, and things that previously done with no problem, caused me some issues. I found when I was doing the dishes, my nails were very sensitive to the temperature of the water. So I would recommend a pair of gloves for chores etc, to ensure you don't do further damage to the nail beds (that's the last thing you will want). Even a few weeks after taking my last set of gels off, I found my nails still to be very sensitive so it is something you will want to continue to watch while your nails are healing...

Now this is an obvious one, however I know a few friends that get their gel nails done as it is a great way for them to stop biting their nails (and it worked for them too). Once the gels have been removed, it can be tempting to go back to old habits and start biting again... which will do nothing to help your fingers. This wasn't ever something that was a problem for me as I am not a nail biter, however if you think this is you, then I would recommend checking out your local drugstore for some remedies to stop you from feeling tempted. 

Remember you are wanting to get your nails back to being 100%, so try and resist the urge to bite them, you will be thankful when you have lovely healthy nails

Healthy nails are one of the go to signs of your bodys' health, so ensuring you have healthy nails is a great way to ensure you are fit and healthy. If you have any tips on ways you keep your nails in good condition, then remember to leave them in the comments

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Lots of love and take care..

Nicole xx

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  1. Amazing post! I am forever complaining about the state of my nails due to me getting acrylics so I will invest in a buffer and some oils to see if this helps xx

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    1. Glad you liked it! 😄 Would definitely recommend, my nails now look so much better after getting gels done for years... Has made such a difference!💅🏻🌟


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