How to Cope with Heat Sensitive skin!

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If like myself you suffer from extremely heat sensitive skin, you will understand how annoying and uncomfortable it can be. The moment the sun comes out, my skin flares up in serious heat rash and can really make my skin sore and itchy, causing more discomfort. I have suffered with sensitive skin now for years and although it has got better over time, it still can cause a lot of problems, especially when I go somewhere hot. I am going to share some of my top tips for people who suffer with the same problem as myself. 

The first thing I always do, especially when I know I am going somewhere hot, is ensure I take regular allergy tablets. My heat rash is brought on by an allergy in my skin, so by ensuring I have taken medication that is specifically designed to help, I can relax a little during the day and not fret about my skin getting sore. You can get these out of any supermarket or chemist, but if you suffer badly, you might need to visit your doctor to get slightly stronger tablets. 
I also like to ensure that I take in as much water as I possibly can, ensuring I don't become dehydrated. Heat rash can be worsened when the skin sweats, therefore making sure you have I high intake of water is important to keeping the body hydrated and at a cool temperature, and not overheating
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It is obvious that you should always use a good SPF on your skin and now is no different. I love using P20 on my skin.. a good SPF that you only need to apply once a day. I have mentioned this in previous sun care posts, however wanted to quickly mention it again as I think it is an essential for people with heat sensitive skin.... it is just that good.
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Wearing clothes that allow you skin to breathe is another necessity as this will of course stop your skin from overheating. It is important to wear baggy breathable clothing to allow your bosy to stay cool and avoid any ovrerheating, therefore avoiding any discomfort or sensitivity.

It is important to keep the skin covered and protected from the sun however, and this can be easily done with a hat, or a kimono/ cover up. This will allow the skin to breathe, however cover the skin from direct sunlight... which can be essential to avoiding heat rash from spreading. It is also a great excuse to have to ado  little shopping (summer shopping is my favourite)....

A lot of people suggest going for regular short sunbed sessions, to try and get the skin more used to the sun and the heat from it. Now this isn't something I have ever done as I am a little too wary of how my skin would react, nevertheless, I know a few people who have tried this and it has gave them some relief, so it is worth considering if you are going somewhere sunny, that could cause your skin a few problems.


Their really is lots of ways to deal with heat rash, however it really does take a bit of trial and error to find out what works best for you. If you have any tips or tricks, remember to comment down below... it could help another person out!

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Until next time, take care and speak to you all on Thursday!

Nicole x

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