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I am for sure someone who likes to save money and I always try and be extra cautious when it comes to my finances. When I got my first job when I was 17, I was useless at being sensible with my wages and within a few days of getting my paycheck, my money had been spent on clothes and make up. Nowadays  like to see myself as being much more sensible at, not only managing my money, but saving money too....

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One thing I have noticed when I am out and about on a shopping trip, is how many copies, or 'dupe' items their are now... and they seem to be everywhere.  As soon as something appears on the catwalk and becomes the new trend, you can bet anything that within a few weeks, the likes of 'New Look', or 'Primark' will be selling their version - and most of the time you can't even tell the difference. Apart from the price, they are basically the same. So why would I pay big bucks for something, when these shops are selling it for much cheaper? It is one of the essentials in looking after your money and keeping an eye on your expenses. If you have the money there and really want it, then definitely treat yourself and get the designer label. However if you are anything like me, then I would happily go for the cheaper version and save myself some money... that I can use to buy other things....

Not only that, going for items that are second hand is another way of getting that thing you want so desperately, without the price tag. Getting items online second hand is such a brilliant way of saving a bit of cash but still getting what you wanted. So always have a look online or in thrift stores as it could save you a lot.  

Going along the same lines as clothes, I like to regularly clear out my wardrobe to get rid of things that I no longer like or wear. To make a bit of extra income, I sell these on the likes of Ebay, or Depop. This is such an easy way to get a wee it extra income and make money from items that previously would have been thrown out. I mean, if you are going to get rid of it, you might as well make a few extra pounds from it too!

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When it comes to your savings however, I always find it extrremelly beneficial to ensure you plan ahead for anything that might cost you a lot of money, and for this, I set u a savings account. I normally put a bit of money aside every month so if anything comes up I am not left short. It is also great if you have a holiday coming up... or want to save for Christmas or a birthday. It is something I would recommend to anyone who doesn't already do this... it's a great way of saving money for a rainy day!

I always like to keep a whiteboard in my room and note on it if their are any thing coming up that might cost me a bit of money. For example, I have both my MOT for my car, and my insurance to do in August. I like to note anything like this down for me to see so that I know what money I have to spend that month, or if their is anytime I maybe need to reduce what I am spending. It is such a simple way to keep track of what payments are coming up and keep note of what you can and cannot spend money on.
If you don't want to use a whiteboard, you can just as easily use something like a calendar, whether a wall calendar or phone. Any way that works for you is fine, as long as it is easy to understand. 


So saving money and keeping an eye on your finances is much easier than you think. Remember to comment if you have any other tips that could help people watch their money....

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Take care and speak soon.... Nicole x
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