It's Important to take a break every Now and Again!

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With today's busy lifestyle it is important to remember to take some time for yourself. Whether it is a half an hour rest, reading your favourite book or a week away somewhere exotic, ensuring you can always make some time to relax and forget about your worries is extremely important, not only to your well being, but also your health, as it can help reduce stress and allow your body to rest.

I tend to find if I am work, work, work, I get stressed very easily... and when I get stressed, I tend to find myself very agitated and anxious. It's not a nice feeling and it can be difficult to try and manage. So when I get some me time, I like to really wind down. I do love baking (as some of you will already know) and find this is a really nice way for me to relax and have some me time. For everyone it is different... but finding something that allows you to rest and relax you body and mind is important to maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

Even a simple nap can really re-energize you and help charge your batteries. I used to hate going for naps as I felt I was wasting an hour of my day. Nevertheless, nowadays I have a completely different opinion and often nap if I feel tired and worn out. Just that little rest is the perfect way for my body to catch up with some much needed sleep and allow my mind to work at its best... it's not good trying to get through the day when you are worn out and sleep deprived. Even a five minute nap can do wonders!

For some of us... a little rest just isn't enough. It really does make a difference to go somewhere else for a break, and take a holiday somewhere nice., maybe somewhere you have always wanted to go. I love to travel and if I had the money I would just quit my job right now and explore. This is for most of us, very unrealistic, but thier is nothing to say we cannot get away for a break now and again, whether you want to relax in the sun or tour around the city. It is the perfect way to get yourself some distance from the often 'high' demands of the everyday life and let you relax and travel somewhere new. I often think even a few days away somewhere is the perfect way to allow you to de-stress and get yourself back to feeling 100%. Your body will be thankful.... you will feel more energized, and you will feel much more motivated when you get back to normality

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I find for myself, regular small rests works best for me to keep me working the best I can. Although, yes, I do try and get away on holidays as often as possible... I love getting in after a hectic day in the office and relaxing, making sure I do something I love. Of course, depending on your circumstances, this is going to be different for different people... I mean, if you have children, it's of course not going to be as simple, but even a five minute break, reading a book or watching the TV can make the world of difference. 

Remember next time you start getting a bit under the weather and a bit stressed to take some time out for yourself and enjoy your own company. If you have a hobby, do that... or try something new - you might just discover something else you love. It will honestly make such a difference to you well being and you will be thankful for it! 

Until next time, take care and lot's of love

Nicole xx

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