My Top 5 clothing essentials - Summer 2016

So we are now in to August and here in Scotland I think it is safe to say that Summer is coming to an end! The rain is pouring and it is beginning to get colder and darker! Therefore I thought I would talk about my top 5 summer items that got me through the season. I love treating myself this time of year and getting some reliable, good pieces that can be worn again and again, and these live up to that completely... so lets get started!

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My first go to item this summer was my light boyfriend jeans! These have been worn to death and I love the fact they are so versatile and can be matched with so many different things. This particular pair were from Matalan and they are such a steal, at under £20 a pair! I am not usually a fan of light wash denim, as sometimes it looks really unflattering on me, however I think the colour of this denim is perfect for the lighter weather and they look great with a pair of gladiator sandals.

These do have a few 'rips' in them for that added distressed look. I love these jeans as they are not overdone, or to in your face and ensure you stay on trend without going overboard.

Another essential is actually one I have featured on my blog before, so some of you will have seen this in the past, nevertheless I just couldn't post this and not include it! This crop top is from Boutique of Molly and it is perfect for both the warmer and cooler months (with a little layering nevertheless!). It is a short white crop top with long sleeves and a high rounded neck. The top is lined with lace which adds a nice touch to any outfit (whether a casual day look or something a little dressier at night). 

I have had alot of use out of this top and like to roll the sleeves up when the weather is a bit warmer as I think it makes the top a bit more casual looking. 

The top itself is amazing quality and great value for money... a perfect summer piece and I love it! <3

You might have noticed by now that I love a good Bardot top and Primark have offered us some gorgeous ones this year. This has been one of the biggest trends of 2016 and they have been everywhere, however this peach and white stripe top has to be one of my favourites. It only cost £6 (wow!!) and looks amazing, whether dressed up or down. It has peach and white stripes all over and button detailing down the front. I also think the sleeves are super cute, and feature detailing around the edge. 

This is such a light material that it is perfect for the really warm days and it has been a great piece for me on summer days out as it keeps you cool, yet looks great on! The sleeves are great if you are a little self conscious of your arms (which a lot of us are). Would definitely recommend checking out this style of top whilst they have a large selection is stores... it is such a wardrobe essential! 

This item from Boutique of Molly is normally something I wouldn't go for, however I love how unique it is. This top features cut out shoulders and quite a fitted top half, however then flares out from the waist down, with zipped detailing. The back is gorgeous and is what makes this item so different. The back crosses over at the top then opens up to reveal you lower back, which looks amazing with skinny jeans or thicker leggings. If you are self conscious of your back, then I think a really pretty Cami Top underneath would also look great (I am on the lookout for something lacy, I think that would be a great look for Autumn)

This is a thicker material, so is not something I wear on hot days, however the Scottish summer has not been that hot unfortunately, therefore has been a great piece for the weather we are having.

As I said, the Scottish weather has been a bit rainy and cold lately, therefore I haven't had as much use out of this as I would have liked, however I can;t wait for my holidays to get a chance to wear this playsuit more. This playsuit has a lace top which looks incredible and adds a little detail to a simple piece. It is a pale peach/pink/nude colour (I am awful at describing colours haha!) The material is much lighter than I thought it would have been and is perfect for warmer weather as it not too thick.

My body is a bit pear shaped and is much bigger on bottom than on top, therefore I got this in a bigger size to allow some room in the shorts. This does mean it is a little big at the waist, however I have teamed this with a cute waist belt which  think finished the outfit off perfectly!

If you are looking for a good quality piece for either a holiday or if you are experiencing warmer weather, this would be a top recommendation!


So this was tough to write... I have had so many go to items this summer, however this has been my top 5! I have left a link to the Boutique of Molly, Primark and Matalan sites below;

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Please comment your favourite piece below, would love to know what your favourite pieces are! Remember to follow to stay up to date with all the latest posts!

Lots of Love

Nicole x

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