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I have done a few posts over the past few months regarding study and further education and I thought this would be a good thing to discuss as it can be a questionable concept. For a lot of people nowadays, studying full time is not an option, especially if like myself, you are working full time. When I decided to get a qualification in Gel Nails and turn a hobby into a diploma, I new that the only way I would achieve some sort of qualification would be a distance learning course. This method of study was extremely beneficial for me and is becoming more popular every year....

No matter whether you are wanting to get yourself that little extra little credit or push for a university degree, distance learning study is perfect if studying full time is not an option. You can study when you want and when you can, as long as you study within the allocated time period! It doesn't matter if it takes you 1 year or 10, you can really work around your commitments. It gives you the chance to gain a qualification, no matter who you are or what grades you currently have and their is plenty of different options available for what you want to achieve, so it is definitely worth having a look around. 

One of the things that can put many people off distance learning courses is the level of support that you have as you are not physically going to classes or interacting with tutors face to face, however you get a lot of support through distance learning courses and it is underrated. Tutors are available continuously through email and phone and in personal experience I find they have all been supportive and extremely helpful. So don't let this put you off...

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I studied the 'Gel Nail Technician' Diploma with Stonebridge College, an online college specializing in distance learning courses. This is a great distance learning college for people looking for diplomas in very specific areas. They offer LOADS of different courses so no matter what you are looking for, they will have something that suits you. 
Their are loads of different websites that offer you a variety of courses and qualification so make sure you have a look online to find the course that suits your needs and wants.

I know a lot of people who are often put off distance learning courses due to funding, however many courses accept payment plans etc, just like any other University or college. This had even put myself off in the past however with further research, many online courses accept the same payments as standard University's, so you don't need to worry about if you can afford it.

Distance learning is a great option for people looking to fast track into a desired course as well. A lot of courses online allow you not only to gain a qualification but allow you to enter other courses at an advanced level, something really useful if you are wanting that bit of extra experience or need a little boost to get you into that dream course (read my last post regarding Exam Results here). Not only that, you can go out and work, or travel, all while developing your career as you can study while on the go, perfect if you are wanting a break from full time studying, but wanting to do something on the side...


Their are many benefits to distance learning that often go missed and I know for a fact that I will have missed some out here. If you have any questions or anything you find might be beneficial to others, then leave a comment below!

Have you done a distance learning course in the past, or are you currently doing one just now? Again let me know below in the comments, would love to hear what you think of it!

Until next time, take care... and remember to follow to stay up to date with all the latest posts!


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