Autumn is here...


Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year! I love seeing the leaves turning yellow, the colder weather setting in, allowing you to wrap up in cable knit jumpers and chunky scarves... and lastly, knowing that the winter season is around the corner. I know a lot of you will be reading this and thinking I am nuts for being so excited, nevertheless, here in Scotland, the colder weather is something we are used too... we are lucky if we get one month of summer weather a year!

I thought I would talk about why this is my favorite time of the year, and if you are a sun worshiper, why you shouldn't be dreading the onset of Autumn and Winter as much as you are.....

Autumn Smiling

Firstly, it looks so beautiful. I absolutely love walking around outside on Autumn days and just taking in the scenery. It also makes amazing pictures and can make great memories! You don't get the chance to witness scenery like this any other time of the year so it is important to take advantage of it while you can.... not everywhere gets views like this!

I can't help but feel at ease at this time of year. With the summer over, everyone can wrap up, ready for the colder weather. This is the time to rock those Burgundy reds, mustard's and khaki's, colours which are prefect for the colder seasons. Personally, I love these Autumnal colours... and love stocking up my wardrobe with them at this time of year!


I think one of the reasons I love Autumn is the it is the beginning of a run of celebrations... Halloween, Bonfire night, and the of course Christmas! Halloween especially for me, is one of my favourite times of the year.

It is so much fun and gives you a chance to get dressed up and have a laugh... whether you are only a small baby, a small child, or a fully grown adult! I love getting into the spirit of the season.. whether it is through baking Halloween goodies, or decorating my desk or room up with accessories, I can't help but give in to my inner child!

Halloween Pumpkin

When Autumn comes around, here in Scotland, it rains... a lot! Instead of going out, I love spending nights in with friends and family, whether it is catching up over a cuppa, or watching a good movie. What's good about this? It is a great way of saving money, perfect for the run up to Christmas. If I look outside and see the rain is on, I am much less likely to go out my way to head out, I would much rather stay inside and look at the views from the comfort and warmth from my own home. It is even better if you are lucky enough to have a fire in your home.. can't beat gathering around the fire when the weather is cold outside.

Yes it can be difficult to say goodbye to the summer sun and admit that Winter is on its wy, especially if you are a sun worshiper. However, Autumn is a great time of year and is the perfect time to catch up with friends and family. Not only that, it is the perfect excuse to buy the perfect Autumn wardrobe... any excuse, eh!

Are you a fan of Autumn? I would love to know what it is about this time of year that makes you happy! Let me know in the comments below, and remember to follow me to stay up to date to stay up to date with my blog!

Leaf Changing Color

Until next time, take care and love you all!

Nicole <3

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