My Top 5 favourite Travel Destinations....

So this is something a little different, however has been something I have wanted to give my opinion on for quite a while.... My all time favourite tourist destinations! Travelling is something I have always loved and if I could, I would travel the world. Whether it is a city break with my family, or a week in the sun with my friends, I love exploring new and exciting places. I have over the years been to a lot of places that I have fallen in love with, and thought I would share my favourites here with you... it might even inspire you to check them out for yourself on day!

   1. Edinburgh

Edinburgh has to be one of my favorite places to visit, especially if I don't want to have to travel far and wide to have a change of scenery. Edinburgh is only an hour away from where I stay on the train, making it the perfect go to for myself, whether I am wanting a day trip, or a weekend adventure. Their is so much to see and do here, it's difficult to fit it all in in one trip. From small, cobbled lanes surrounded with the quaintest of cafes and bars... to the main 'Princes Street', looking up at the historical castle, it's no wonder why so may people love to visit here...

Of course I have no children, but this place is packed with activities for everyone, so no matter who is going, or who you are taking.... they won't be bored. In August, the Edinburgh Fringe brings the Capital of Scotland alive and is something not to be missed! 

Edinburgh, Scotland
Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh, Scotland

   2. Amsterdam

I have ever only been to Amsterdam once in my life, and I am desperate to go back again some day! Ppacked full of history and gorgeous canals, it is a beautiful area to visit. Everyone was so friendly when we were visiting, which was great as it was the first time my mum and I had traveled ourselves (we aren't the best with direction!). The markets are some of the best I have ever been to, full of personality and life, which makes you feel so welcomed. We went to 3 of their markets in our 5 days their, and although it was a few years ago now, I am certain their were more that we missed. They are the best places to get quaint little gifts that are totally unique... perfect for the souvenir gift.

Of course, you can't come to Amsterdam and not go to the Anne Frank Museum. It is so atmospheric and fascinating... although I found it a little to eerie (I am not the best with things like that). Nevertheless, it is something I would recommend everyone visits at one point in their lives.

Amsterdam Bridges
Houses In Amsterdam
Red Bicycle On Bridge

   3. Florida

Yes, I had to include it! Florida... in particular, Disneyworld! How could I not mention this!? When I came here for the first time last May, I fell in love with Florida, and again... have already started saving for my next visit! It is perfect for everyone, old or young... and no matter what the time, day or month, everyone is friendly and happy! When we visited in May, the weather was roughly 30C... so if you like the summer sun and love to get a tan, this is perfect! It always has such a magical feel bout the place which makes you not want to leave the place.

I think it should be a law, that everyone needs to visit this place at some point in their lives... it is certainly not somewhere to be missed!

Beach View
The Castle

4. London

The capital of the UK is really something else... filled with restaurants, West End shows and some of the best pastimes to be seen. London is a perfect mixture of history, glamour and relaxation all rolled into one. I have been to London a few times over the past few years and always find something to do. I am going to London at Christmastime for the first time and I cannot wait to stroll around the streets, taking in the scenery. With markets galore, a mixture of West End shows to watch and the history to see... it is easy to travel on the HUGE subway station that covers the whole of London... it honestly is one of the best ways to travel!

London's Tower Bridge
London Tube Sign
Tower Of London Corner

   5. Greece

This has to be one of the best relaxing sun holidays I have ever been on, and the perfect sunspot for both catching the rays, or partying down the strip. Both times Ii have visited, it was '18-30' trips, so it basically was relaxing during the day and out all night. However the atmosphere was electric. You make friends with everyone, and I have always had an amazing time when I visit. The place is full of history too, and quaint little side streets, filled with hidden bars and restaurants, perfect if you want to sample the local food. 
Yes it is a little further out, however it is worth it for the perfect beach holiday... a perfect mix of relaxation and socialising for all ages!
Greece 4
Hilly Scenery
Greek Coffee Chairs

Their are many other areas I would have loved to mention, however narrowing it down to just 5 places was difficult. Everywhere has its own little thing that makes it unique and I think that is what fascinated me when it comes to exploring new places. I can't wait to visit more places in the future and hopefully add to my amazing list!

Did any of your favourite Destinations feature here? If not let me know in the comments where it is and why you love it so much! Remember to follow me to stay up to date with the latest!

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Thanks for reading and take care!

Nicole <3

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