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So over the past few months I have been working towards building a reliable and great follower base for my blog and social media sites as I am trying to build a reputation in the Blogging community and although I have been on Twitter since 2012, I never had a great amount of followers on the site. I am not saying that the more followers the better, however I wanted to build some traffic to my site and having a trustworthy and reliable group of followers was really going to help me out. Over the past 2 months, I have managed to increase my follow base from 40-50 followers to almost 200, which to me is a massive achievement and having this big increase has really improved my confidence online....

It is important to tweet regularly and often, otherwise people aren't going to be interested in your page. The problem with this is you might not always be free, for example if you work, are on holiday or busy with other social plans (I hate being out with friends and constantly sitting on my phone). Their are now several places you can schedule tweets, usually for a small fee, to allow you to type up tweets in advance and then they can automatically be uploaded online when you like. Personally, I actually don't use this, as I can normally work round my hours, however it is a great option for people who are a little less flexible. Just search for it on Google and look through all the options....

The great thing I find with twitter and really helps me when it comes to advertising is how sociable and interactive it is. It is so easy to tag someone or a brand when you post a tweet (especially if it regarding a post you have done). You will find a lot of the time, the post will be liked/re tweeted from whoever has tagged you, therefore allowing your post to be viewed by an entirely new audience, which is great for reaching out to newer audiences and building relationships with other people across Twitter. 

Don't forget to use hashtags as well when you advertise your blog, as this will help other people with the same interests reach your page, meaning they are more likely to follow you and stay followed rather than loose interest and unfollow you after a short time. 


Another way of getting some attention to your page and blog, is to host a competition/giveaway on your channel. This is a little controversial, however it is a great way of getting people to check out your twitter and blog, promote your page and gain some followers. The only problem with this is, after the giveaway is over, you may see a drop in followers, as people often will only follow because of the prize offered. However if you continue to post great content and advertise you page well, a lot 
of those followers will actually like what you do and stay with you after the giveaway is done. 

Never forget to follow other people as well, especially the ones that follow you. People will appreciate a follow back and if they notice that you have not returned the favor they will often unfollow you. Yes, you are trying to build your follow base, but so are other people... remember to return the favor and both of you will be happy!
Also ensure that you socialize with other people on Twitter, you won't get any traffic to your profile if you don't make the effort to socialize with other users. Taking part in Twitter chats and events can really help people discover what you have to offer and be a great way of gaining traffic. 

Lastly, and probably most importantly, remember to post what you want to post, not what you should! A lot of the time, users will tweet something just to gain popularity and traffic, even if it is something that they are not interested in or would normally write. Mae sure you tweet things that you like and enjoy talking about.... you are more likely to build reliable followers this way!

Their are so many ways that users can build on their followers on Twitter, many of which I have probably missed out or don't know of. The most important thing on Twitter is to be yourself! However if you have anything else that you think would be a good way of building a reliable twitter base, then let me know in the comments. 

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