BOM - My top 3 Autumn Essentials 2016

So I think it is fair to say that I have been a huge fan of Boutique of Molly now for a long time and I have enjoyed working with them so much! I have loved reviewing all my orders and talking about my favourite items I received in my 'pink parcel'.  However with Summer gone and Autumn now among us, I thought I would share my 3 favourite items from the Website that are perfect for the new season.... and share 2 of their newest items with you all!

When this item popped up on their Twitter account, I could not resist. I have wanted a fur jacket for a few years now, however never justified getting one as I wasn't sure how I would style it... or if it would even be something that I would wear. When Boutique of Molly came up with their own fur jacket, I fell in love and just had to get it for my wardrobe. 

I think the fact that this jacket is striped makes it much more unique and a little different. It is super cosy, which is perfect for the colder weather...  I think this will be an essential piece for the Christmas period too.  It is priced around £35, which for a jacket like this with this quality, is in my opinion a really good deal. Check it out here and get your hands on one today: STRIPE FUR JACKET
Another thing I have been loving this month is purses. I got a purse from River Island a few years back and have worn it to death. I decided to treat myself to a new one. When Boutique of Molly sent me a picture of one of their purses, it was perfect for the amount of stuff I had. I decided to get it and I really do love it!
It has 2 bigger sections, perfect for holding everything, notes, change and cards. It looks great too, featuring a 'checked' pattern in brown shades... perfect for the Autumn weather. 

It is a great purse if, like me, you have loads of stuff to carry around. It is big enough to fit everything you need without being bulky. Check it out here now CHECKED MOSCOW PURSE

My last item is something I have featured on my blog before, and isn't exactly what you would class as an Autumn essential, however I just love it. It is my Ribbed Choker crop top. I love this top, and have worn it a lot since I bought it, even when the weather has been colder. It is the ideal thing for layering in the colder weather, and I think a snug cardigan over this top would be super cute. It is also a great Christmas essential and think it would be perfect for the party season, as it can be dressed up and worn with so many different things. The colour is great for this time of year as it will compliment any skin tone and is a great Autumn/Winter shade!

So yes, it is a crop top! However who says you can't style a crop top all year!? Check it out on the website now... CHOKER CROP TOP


Boutique of Molly have so many items that could have been great for this post, ad narrowing it down to 3 was difficult. I would recommend checking out their website if you are looking for some new wardrobe essentials, as they have loads of items that are of great quality and extremely versatile. They also update their stock regularly with new items! Check them out here:

Remember you can get 20% off ALL BOM items simply by using code 'NC20' at the checkout!

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Love you all... take care <3

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  1. I love BOM! You can literally not go wrong with their items. I LOVE that fur jacket! It's so chic and I feel I could never pull it off. I was eyeing down that purse on their website too! Glad to hear it's the perfect size! Great post xo



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