Celebrating Halloween.....

Happy Halloween to you all!

The time of year has arrived where you can get dressed up, and celebrate all things ghosts and ghouls without getting a funny look. Where you can head out with friends and celebrate by trick or treating, or heading to Halloween themed parties. 

Nevertheless, their are so many ways Halloween can be celebrated, no matter what you like to do... whether you are looking to do something a little different, or if you are wanting to celebrate a little closer to home. So here are a few options for ways you can celebrate this Halloween this year...

Halloween Theme

  • Psychic nights
These nights have became extremely popular over the last few years, and although they are not everyone's cup of tea, they can be a great way of celebrating Halloween if you want to try something different. 
They are usually held in pubs and clubs, so usually you will find one nearby and hey normally are a fairly cheap night out... great for if you are watching your pennies!

Scary Halloween Food
  • Baking
Great if you have kids, or aren't really one for heading out at this time of year... having a relaxing night of 'Halloween themed' baking can be the perfect way to celebrate. Have a look in recipe book and on the internet for some ghoulish treats to bake and get creative! Whether it is some small cake-pops... or a big celebratory cake... you are bound to make something that will be scrummy for everyone to eat!

Try making your creations even ore effective by adding some Halloween themed decorations. The more creepy, the better!!

Halloween Pumpkins
  • Movie Night
Movie nights are great any time of the year, however you can't beat a good night of scary movies and Halloween treats. Get some friends round and get some good scary movies on the TV. Some Halloween treats and you have yourself a good ol' Halloween movie night! This is great if the weather is a bit rotten as you can celebrate in the warmth and safety of your own home. 

If you want to put a little extra effort in, why not get some decorations and place them around your home. It is amazing what a few little house decorations can do!

This is also a great way for younger children to celebrate. Put on some child friendly Halloween movies, get them to dress up and you have yourself a mini Halloween party at home!

  • Creative night
Again, another one for if you have children, or you are holding a children's party... getting creative is another great way to celebrate Halloween, without even needing to leave your home. 

You can get some great supplies on the cheap from the likes of Pound-shop, or B&M, whether it is creating some scary masks, or some bloody bunting... it can keep them entertained for hours!

And if all else fails.....

  • Celebrate Halloween, as if it isn't Halloween
Their are loads of people who don't like Halloween for a variety of reasons, so if you are one of these people, or you need a break from the Halloween decorations everywhere you go, Halloween night is a great night to do something normal. Why not go out for dinner with friends, or hit the shops? Everyone else will be out celebrating Halloween so the shops etc are bound to be a lot quieter. And not a lot of people will be heading out for dinner dressed up in costume, so you are bound to have a relaxing night!

No matter how you spend your Halloween, enjoy! If you are wanting to do something a little different, I hope that you now have some ideas on some ways you can celebrate Halloween! This is the first year that I haven't been out, however I am going to my first Psychic night... how exciting!

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Until next time... take care, and Happy Halloween!


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