How to be stylish - on a Budget!

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Let's face it! Sometimes it can be difficult to stay up to date with all the latest styles and trends, especially when they change so regularly and can be pretty pricey! So how do you keep up with these trends without forking out all your savings? Well their are a few things you can do to to ensure you stay stylish when you have a budget to follow!

So as much as really want to get that latest trend, it is important to make sure you are actually going to wear it and also ensure it suits you. I have been guilty of this in the past, buying that must have clothing, then realizing it does nothing for me... resulting in it lying at the back of my wardrobe, never to be worn again! So make sure you try before you buy. Go into the shops and try whatever you like on. You don't need to buy it there and then, especially if you know you can get it else where for much cheaper, however this will help you see if you like the items and if it is something you will wear.... therefore you won't waste your money! Perfect!

So if you think you just NEED to have those 'trend setting' jeans, or must have jacket... then it is definitely worth searching around for the best offer. Don't impulse buy! High street shops always bring out dupe clothing pieces that give many designer items a run for their money! Searching around can help you save so much and give you the opportunity to get a fantastic deal!

Don't forget checking out the charity shops. Some of the things people hand in are amazing and you can get some amazing pieces for just a couple of pounds! And the money you spend goes straight to charity.... even better!!

Another way to get a bargain is to take advantage of online sellers and getting the items second hand! Ebay, Depop... all these sites have millions of users selling second hand clothes and jewellery! It is the perfect place to stay stylish and keep up with the latest trends for much less money! You can also search for different brands, sizes colours and locations, so you are bound to get a bargain when you visit!

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Remember, you can also sell older items on these sites to help make you a bit of money! Have a clear out in your home and sell all your old clothes... even if you only get s few pounds per item, it can easily build up into a decent amount, which can then be used to buy yourselves new items that you are more likely to wear! 

Lastly, it is always worth having a look online for discount codes, or vouchers that can save you money on your purchases. Everytime I do some online shopping I always have a quick search on Google for any vouchers that are valid that could save me money. You will not find something every time, however it is definitely worth a look.... you will find something more often that you think and it can save you quite a bit!

So it is possible to stay stylish on a budget... you just need to look about and be vigilant. I have so many items from the likes of Ebay, charity shops and other similar places that are normally super expensive, however I got them for a fraction of the price because I looked around!


If you have any tips on how to be stylish on a budget, remember to leave them in the comments below... I would love to read them! Also follow me to make sure you don't miss any future posts and to keep up to date with the latest advice!

Take care and thanks for reading!


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