How to survive a winter cold...

It is not much fun having a cold is it? Unfortunately we are now at a point in the year where we are much more prone to catching a cold or winter bug! If you are anything like me, you will catch a cold at some point in the season! But how do you get through your normal routine when you are feeling so under the weather?

Their is nothing worse than having to get through work or school when you just want to roll up in bed an catch some much needed sleep... at the end of the day, rest is always the recommendation for colds. Their are a few things you can do to make your day a little easier and make it some what bearable however! 


Firstly, if you are like me, making myself look good makes me feel good on the inside too. It's all about confidence, and I always act and feel my best when I have put a little effort into my appearance. As much as you might not want to, spend a wee bit of time in the morning on your appearance. It't probably that last thing you want to do but just by putting that little bit of effort in, you will feel more confident and look much healthier, although you maybe don't feel it!

If you are having to spend the day at work, or school/college, try and wear something that is comfortable, but still fits in to any dress codes that might be in place (last thing you want is to be pulled up for it). Comfort is key, so try and wear something that isn't too tight, or is going to cut in. Leggings tend to be my go to item and I normally pair them with a long shirt... it's smart but comfortable. I would also recommend a jumper or cardigan... I often go from warm to cold very quickly when I am unwell so layering is a must!

I work in an office, so I work at a desk all day. This can be quite beneficial when I am unwell as I don't need to be on the move all day when I feel rotten. If you are like me, set up your desk to allow you to make your day a little easier. What do I mean? Stock up your work area with medication, water, and anything else you may need so you aren't up and down all day from your desk. I would also recommend a stock of tea and coffee... they are necessities when I am under the weather!

On the theme of necessities, make sure you drink enough fluids throughout the day to stop your body becoming dehydrated. This might be obvious, however most people stop drinking fluids when they are unwell, simply because they forget or don't think about it. By ensuring you stay hydrated, you will recover faster and feel back to your normal self much sooner! Adding Vitamin tablets to your water can also help ensure your body gets the nutrients it needs to fight of any infections or virus's. 

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Now I am not saying to be lazy and slack at work. However try and avoid any necessary stress that could make you feel worse. Manage any workloads you have so that you aren't putting yourself under too much pressure and try and give yourself an easier day. I mean, I would recommend this anyway, whether you are loaded with a cold or not, however it can really help you feel better if you have a stress free day and can help make your day a quick one.

When your day is over, the last thing you will want to do is to go out. So have a nice relaxing night in, and make sure you have some me time. Do whatever makes you happy. Whether you relax in front of the TV, read a good book or take a long relaxing bath... making sure you take some time for yourself after your working day is priority and your body will thank you. As I said, getting some rest will speed up recovery much more quickly!


Wintertime can be a difficult one, with many bugs and colds going about, so remember to look out for each other, to make sure we are all okay! :)

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Thanks for reading and take care!


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