Taking Chances.......

Life is Short. 

You will hear a lot of people say it on a daily basis, however not actually follow through with it. I was one of those people, trying to live by this motto even though I always stuck to routine. However, this has been one hell of a year ... and it has completely changed my outlook on life....

This year has been one big roller coaster. I have achieved things I have always wanted to achieve and started things I have been putting off for years.. purely because I was anxious of what other people would day. Nevertheless at the same time, the year has had its downs... and it is those that have changed my perspective on life. 

As I said, I always stuck to routine, I completed the 9-5 job, then came home, done the usual things and then went to bed... only to repeat over and over again everyday. I have always been someone who feels comfortable with a routine, and didn't like stepping out of the comfort zone for fear something would happen. I never really have had the confidence to go out and do something different, as much as I wanted to. 


I have always wanted to travel the world... maybe do some volunteer work. I have seen so many of my friends go out and do this and their has always been a little bit of jealousy in me when I see them leaving  to go on their travels. Nevertheless, I have just never had the confidence to go and do it, to book something up and just go for it. Unfortunately I just don't see myself taking the risk to go and do something like this, yet! Maybe in the future I will build my confidence a bit and get there, however I don't think it will happen any time soon.

So what's my point? Yes I might be a bit apprehensive just now. I haven't got it in me yet to go off and travel around all these places, as much as I want to. However I am not just 'giving up'. I have started saving up so I can go on some trips in the future... I am looking up ways to volunteer abroad, so that when the time comes that I feel like I am ready to go for it, I am prepared and know exactly what I want to do!

Maps And Coffee

If you want to 'Take a chance' with life, don't put it off, thinking it will never happen. Yes, it can be daunting to step out of your comfort zone and change your routine, however it can be done. If maybe you can't take that chance straight away, their is nothing wrong with some preparation! Sometimes this can be better actually....
This can really apply to anything. Whether it is going for that dream job, going on that 'maybe' date that you aren't feeling too sure about or simply trying a new hobby... it can make such a difference, and be healthy for your well being.

So don't feel that you need to stick with your standard routine. If you take a chance on something, it can make such a difference..... life is short!

Nicole <3

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  1. Love this post! It really motivates me to change it up. Step out of my comfort zone and go for my dreams. Won't happen unless you make it happen, right? Great post xo


  2. Aww thank you!
    I always said if it helps even just one person change their outlook then I would be happy! ✨👌🏻
    Thanks again! 😘


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