Fixing our 'Bra-blems' Finding the 'Perfect Bra

We all dream of finding that 'Perfect bra' that sits perfectly, is comfortable to wear and also makes your assets look GREAT!

However on a daily basis, we all face our own 'bra-blems', which let's face it, is no fun for any women, no matter what size they are and it really can put a dampener on your day!

I thought I would discuss some of my 'bra-blems' and provide some solutions to help get over them......

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The first thing you can do to ensure you are getting yourself a bra that is not only comfortable, but supports well, is to get fitted! So many of us walk around thinking that we know our perfect size and don't need to be fitted however we are so wrong. 

So many places now offer bra fittings and can give you advice on the best bra for your shape and purpose. This will not only save you a lot of time and money, but ensure you get a bra that isn't going to dig in or get stretched over time... helping you avoid some of the most common 'bra-blems' all us women face!

I know I often struggle to get myself the perfect bra, especially when their are so many different types of bras out there. So knowing what type you prefer and the most practical is essential. Whether it is strapless, backless, t-shirt, lace, workout or padded, the options are endless. 
Now I know to NEVER go for a strapless as for me, I know I will just spend most of my time yanking it up... and it will interfere with my day. However a lot of people will prefer a strapless bra. It is knowing what is best for you!

Their is nothing worse than having our day ruined just because our straps keep falling down, or our underwire is cutting in! So it is important to know how to solve these 'bra-problems' we have. Whether it is just regularly tightening our straps, or ensuring our cup size is correct, it really can make such a difference getting the perfect bra....

Thirdlove offer a great service and ask plenty of questions to help you find the right bra that suits you which is great if you are any bit unsure. Check out their range here to find a bra that is perfect for your shape and size:


Having searched the Thirdlove website, I would recommend having a look on their website if you want a great comfortable bra, that fits great and lasts! I even have a discount code, so you can all get 15% of your order... ensuring you not only get a great bra, but a great offer too! Use code 'TLNOVBB15' at the checkout to get your offer!

Check out the website here: Thirdlove

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Until next time, take care & here's to solving our 'bra-blems'

Nicole <3

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