How you can stay safe this party season...

So we are now almost half way through November, and this marks the start of many Christmas parties and celebrations across the UK! Whether this is a night on the town or some partying away at someones house... the chances are you have some plans this year to celebrate the festivities! Ensuring you stay safe this time of year is important and is often something people don't think about....

It can get extremely exciting this time of year... especially if you have lots of plans to meet up with friends and family to celebrate! Nevertheless, planning your night beforehand will guarantee you have a fun, stress free night!

The number one thing to remember, not just at Christmas, but any time of year, is to organize any transport beforehand. By finding out who is sharing a ride with you, and what way you are going to be travelling, you can book in advance, saving you the stress of waiting on transport, or missing it for that matter. Make sure you book before your night starts and everyone knows what the plans are... that way, you are guaranteed a lift out and back and you aren't hanging around outside clubs or bars for hours waiting on your lift home...

If you are going out with workmates for example, ensure your other friends and family know where you are going. Sounds simple right? However just by letting them know where you are going.. they will be able to get a hold of you easily and efficiently, especially in the event of an emergency (hopefully not, but just in case!).

Whenever I am on a night out, I always ensure I have plenty of money to last me the night, however I always keep a spare £20 in a separate section in my purse. I would recommend this to anyone. The amount of times I misjudge how much I have spent and leave myself strapped for cash... it is a lot! I started doing this so I never had any problems at the end of the night getting home, some taxi's I have been in won't take you if you haven't got money on you, so it is such a necessity for me to carry some spare money. Honestly, you will probably never use it, however it means it is always there if you need it!

Another silly one, however something a lot of us don't think about is our phones. The number one thing or me on a night out/in is to keep in touch, so people know where I am etc! Nevertheless I am sure I am not the only one who has had their phone run out on them half way through the night! If this happens to me, I really can't enjoy myself... I end up worrying about if something happens and I can't get in touch with anyone (I do worry a lot but you never know....)
I would totally recommend a little battery charger for your bag! They are small, easy to use and are a great savior for those nights where you need your phone but are about to have 0 battery! This means you always have your phone to hand when you need it! Perfect! 

Lastly, look out for your group and they will look out for you! It is important to not only have fun, but group together to ensure everyone is safe. It can be easy to loose part of your group, especially when it is busy, so ensure you all stick together and you won't have to start a search party half way through your night trying to find your friends that are missing. 
Another way of looking after each other is to ensure no one leaves their drinks unattended, and if they need to leave for any reason, they leave their drinks with someone they trust. As horrible as it is, people do find it entertaining to spike your drink and it happens more often than you think! Look our for each other... and you are guaranteed to have a fab and safe night!


Staying safe on a night out is so important and by following these simple easy steps, you can guarantee you and your friends will have a great night out! If you have any more tips on how you can stay safe on a night out this time of year, leave them in the comments below....

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Love you all and speak to you all soon x

Nicole <3

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