My 'Must Have' Winter Hair Products....

It is so essential this time of year to ensure that not only do you look after your skin and body, but also your hair. The sudden drop in temperatures and drastic weather conditions can leave hair feeling dry and frizzy which isn't nice to have, and can leave hair damaged. I have a lot of different hair products that I use only in the colder months that help keep my hair feeling moisturised and smooth and over the years they have become essentials in my hair collection....

Here in Scotland, the weather is never that great... especially in the Winter months. We are prone to torrential rain, sleet and horrific wind. I find it almost impossible to style my hair and for it stay stay in style for more than a few seconds when I walk out the door. I have tried a lot of different hair mousses' over the years nevertheless have never found one I actually love and works for me. When I tried this one from 'Fudge', I thought it would be like the rest, however this doesn't leave your hair sticky or cakey... a common problem in a lot of hair mousses' on the market..

I use this often when I know it is going to be windy, it helps give my hair a bit of hold so that it stays in shape for longer. It also smells amazing, and doesn't smell of chemicals... it is really sweet and does actually have a hint of a winter scent! Just a little of this goes a long way, and if like me you struggle to give your hair hold... I would totally recommend this....

Now, although I say my hair often gets oily at the roots... my hair does get dry at the ends, especially in the colder months. The weather and constant use of straighteners and hairdryers does take it's toll. I actually normally HATE oil products on my hair as I often find they weigh my hair down and look greasy when applied. However I found this one from 'L'oreal' and it is perfect for me. Their are a lot of ways that oil can be applied, depending on your hair type. When I use it, I apply a small amount to the ends of my hair when it is damp, then blow dry it into my hair. If you have the same problems I do, I really would recommend giving this technique a go. This oil is so goo at adding shine and moisture into the hair without it looking greasy or oily.

Again, another drugstore bargain... it is so easy to get your hands on this, so getting a bottle will never be a problem!

Another essential for me all year round, not just for winter, is a good heat protectant. Again, I have sampled a lot of different ones... however never found one that suits my hair type (Often gets oily quickly). This one from 'Tresemme' is brilliant for giving the hair a good heat barrier to stop the hair from burning or getting damaged. It can be found in most drugstores or chemists at a very reasonable price... usually around £4-£5 a bottle, so perfect if you are looking for something purse friendly.

And lastly, a good dry shampoo is essential all year round so I thought it was only fair to include my 'Batiste' dry shampoo. Now to be honest, as much as I love this dry shampoo, I haven't tried many others because this one seems to be really effective on my hair, so I can't say this is the best one I have tried, or it the best on the market. This is just a really good affordable everyday dry shampoo and a great one to give a go if you have never used one before!

Another reason I love the 'Batiste' version is because it comes in a range of colours to match your hair. If like me you are dark haired, you will know how unfair it is when you spray dry shampoo on your hair and you are left with this white patch! I love the dark brown dry shampoo 'Batiste' offer as it blends in with your hair and doesn't leave your hair patchy!


I love using all 4 of these products together when the weather takes a turn for the worse, as it helps give my hair hold and strength, essential for battling the wind.. but also keeps my hair nourished and shiny. I also have a collection of products I use for the warmer months, that work to keep my hair healthy. Knowing what works for you, not just for your hair, but your skin and body, is essential to ensure you stay healthy! I would recommend trying these products if you are looking to get some hair products that help you...

If you have any products you would like to recommend, or you use anything that you think is a 'must have', remember to leave them in the comments below...

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