Put your phone down....

Everytime I walk down the street, I see people staring at their phone as they walk by! Even a group of friends, or families will walk side by side, however never mutter a word to each other, instead choosing to stare at their screens, playing games and updating their social media. However it is so important to make sure that you put your phone down and get out there. 

Here's why you should put your phone down now..... and look up.

Their is nothing worse than meeting up with friends and sitting there while they sit on their phone all night. So make sure you are not that person and leave your phone in your bag or pocket. Have a good catch up with your friends and be there for each other. The amount of people who I have lost contact with because they never paid any attention to me in a conversation is crazy and could easily have been avoided if they had just left their phone to the side. Make sure you pay full attention to your friends or family when you are with them and enjoy each others company!

Also make as many memories as you can. I have talked in previous posts about living life to the full etc, and you can do that by getting together with your closest friends and having fun. Whether it is going out for some dinner or having a spa day, doing something different go out there and enjoy yourself. 

Me and my friends often do a thing when we meet up where we take everyone phones and put it in a pile away from the group, that way we aren't going to be distracted when we are spending time together. I think this is a great idea as it stops you from feeling tempted to check your phone throughout the night and allows you to have fun as a group. I would totally recommend this, it's an effective and fair way of ensuring that you pay full attention to each other while in each others company! 

I am not saying that you should completely remove your phone from your life.... that would be ridiculous. However just by putting it down every now and again can help improve not only your social life, but relationships too! It's amazing all the opportunities that you miss just by not looking up from your phone or putting your phone to one side....

This video is extremely powerful and after discovering it a while back it really has changed my outlook. It really is worth a watch and listen....

So remember to put your phone down and look up... you never know what could happen!

Until next time, take care!

Nicole <3

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