Why I am Excited for Christmas this year....

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So we are now into November and it is beginning to get to that time of year again where Christmas takes over the shops, the Christmas tunes begin to play everywhere you go and the TV is filled with the usual Christmas ads! For some people it can be frustrating... I certainly know a few people who can't stand the Christmas madness, especially when we are still in November. However for me, it is when I begin to get excited and realize that Christmas really is not that far away! So why am I excited for Christmas? Theirs a few reasons why I am love this time of year... and why you should too!

I have said in some of my previous posts that I love the colder weather and darker nights, and this really is one of the main reasons that I love this time of year! Getting wrapped up in my winter woollies and heading out with my cup of coffee in hand is something I love and although it might seem odd... it is one of my favourite things about Winter. 

This is made even better when it is snowing or at least frosty cold. Going outside wrapped up when the snow has fallen always puts a smile on my face... it is just so beautiful!

Winter Landscape
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It is safe to say that Christmas time is still one of the best times of the year for celebrating and partying with friends and family. I am always so busy at this time of year with different nights out, meals with friends and catch-ups with family. It is such a sociable time and it's a great way to stay in touch with all your loved ones!

Theres something about going shopping at this time of year as well that is just so magical. Walking around with all the light's glistening and the scene of  Santa's Grotto everywhere you go is so beautiful and always makes me happy! I am definitely now one for going shopping nearer to Christmas... it is just to manic and stressful... which is why November time is perfect!

The same thing can be said with the likes of Christmas markets. Trying to make your way around all the stalls in the run up to Christmas can be a nightmare and it can often be too busy to actually see anything and take in the atmosphere. However, going in November-time is perfect if you want to take in the sights and sounds, however not be crushed by a mass of people while doing so! Perfect!!

Rowan In The Snow
Snowflake With Lights
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Another thing I love with Christmas is the food and drink! Who doesn't love a mince pie or a glass of Mulled wine? Their are lots of food that only come out around the festive time, so why not take advantage now and enjoy while you can. It's never too early to delve in and treat yourself to some Christmas food goodies!

For me, I love trying to think of gift ideas for friends and family. A lot of people hate it, however for me it is something I love doing!
Searching around trying to think of the best idea for someones gift is something that really satisfies me and makes me happy! Not only that, but I could go crazy with wrapping paper, tags, bows, ribbon... anything to make that gift look extra amazing! I love buying all my Christmas supplies this time of year, not only do you beat the Christmas rush, but you can have a proper look around before things start going out of stock and ensure you get the best of the best!!


So are you excited for Christmas this year and if you are, why are you excited!? Let me know in the comments below and remember to spread that positivity with everyone else!

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Love you all, and take care

Nicole x

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