Celebrate a stress-free Christmas this year...

As much as most of us love Christmas, it can cause a lot of stress and our lives can be taken over by the pressure of buying gifts, writing Christmas cards and ensuring the festive spirit is high. It can take it's Tolle on us as we often forget to have some time to ourselves, instead ensuring that we satisfy everyone else. Nevertheless, we need to remember that Christmastime should be a happy and enjoyable time and a time to relax and spend time with loved ones. Here are 15 ways you can celebrate Christmas this year stress-free...

I know I done a very similar post like this a few months ago, but it is important to be reminded this time of year to keep stress to a minimum and enjoy the festivities. Here are 15 ways you can have a stress free Christmas this year....

  1. Out Christmas shopping? Take a break throughout and treat yourself to a coffee. Sit in so your aren't tempted to shop as you go.
  2. Watch your favourite festive movie. Or if you aren't feeling festive, any movie should do the job :)
  3. Are you in charge of Christmas dinner this year? Ask everyone coming to bring a portion of food towards the meal. Less shopping time for you and can help spread the cost.
  4. If you have kids, try purchasing cheap craft kids or books to keep them distracted while you are busy wrapping gifts or writing cards. That way you can get straight to it and finish the job much quicker.
  5. Love reading? A good book this time of year will be a great way to unwind
  6. Go shopping outwith peak times, or online if possible. The shops will be quitter and you will not be pushing past crowd or standing in queues for hours on end. Perfect!
  7. Christmas time is party season. Enjoy meeting up with friends and celebrate by hitting the town... or going to a house do if the weather has other ideas!
  8. If you are carrying loads of bags of gifts and pressies while you are shopping, make a trip to the car and leave them there, then head to the shops again. Trust me, if it is busy, not having a ton of bags to cart around will make the experience a lot less stressful.
  9. Christmas card writing taking forever? Print off labels to put in your general cards. Saves you a lot of repetitive writing.
  10. Do you really need to decorate your house from top to bottom? Less is more and gives you more time for other things
  11. Do you work? Consider keeping a few days and take them during December (if your work allows). Extra days allows extra preparation and can avoid un needed stress nearer the big day...
  12. Lot's of lists. Perfect for keeping you organised and much easier to track what you have/haven't still to do
  13. If you have children, then they will want to hand out Christmas cards to their friends no doubt. Get a cheap pack from Poundshop etc, and use the 'label' technique mentioned in tip 9. Saves so much time and the kids will love putting the stickers on all the cards.
  14. If your kids want to get involved with any wrapping etc. buy plan wrapping paper and lots of craft pieces. That way once you have wrapped your gifts, they can get creative with the pressies. Everyone is happy
  15. Having a party? Suggest everyone brings their own bottle....

Do you have any other suggestions on how you can have a stress free Christmas? Leave them in the comments below...

Christmas can be a time where people feel a lot of pressure to make this year 'The best year ever!'. It can make what it meant to be an enjoyable time a stressful one. Remember, it is important to spend time with loved ones and make some amazing memories with your family and friends.

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Until next time, take care <3

Nicole x

Silver Bow For Christmas

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