My Top 3 Winter Fragrances

I tend to be the sort of person that sticks to the same perfumes for certain times of the year. I just love how a specific smell can take you to a certain point in your life, or in my case, remind you of a specific season. These perfumes are perfumes that I love all year, however they are my go to fragrances for winter. Click here to learn more about my tip 3 Winter Fragrances...

This is the latest perfume in my collection and has very quickly became a favourite of mines for the Winter months. I discovered this a few months ago in Boots and thought it was a little different to what I normally go for, and perfect for a day out wit friends, or a family meeting up. It has floral undertones and has a very sweet scent... so if you are a fan of sweeter smells, then this is perfect for you. 

The bottle is gorgeous and is the perfect combination of being extravagant and detailed, without being over the top. And the red and gold detail is so perfect for the festive season. 

This is a great winter scent for people who are on a budget as it is a celebrity scent. This is the 'Rebel de fleur' perfume from Rihanna and although this has now been out for a few years not, it still remains one of my favourites. It is quite musky, however still has sweet undertones, making it the perfect perfume to take you from day to night. This is also the most affordable perfume on my list... and can easily be found online and in most perfume/drugstore shops. The packaging is nice, although nothing exciting, nevertheless this isn't a perfume I would be taking out or anything as it is quite a big bottle.

My last favourite is one that has featured on my blog many times now and continues to be one of my favorites. Marc Jacobs has always been my favorite perfume range and I haven't ever found a fragrance that I have disliked. I think however this is my fave out the lot. The perfect nighttime fragrance, I love the musky, yet floral scent. I can see why this would not be everyone's cup of tea, however for me I just love it. A little goes a long way with this perfume and a bottle seems to last forever, so although this is one of the most expensive perfumes I own, it is well worth the price tag! Can I also just take a moment to discuss the packaging? How gorgeous is it?....


Their are so many different fragrances out there and I love learning new ones. If you have any perfumes that you like to use in winter, then let me know in the comments below... you never know, it could be a new favourite of mines.

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Until next time, lots of love...

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