What I have planned in 2017 (and reflecting back on 2016)....

As we get closer to Christmas, then to the New Year, it's often a time to reflect on the year we have had and prepare ourselves for new challenges and changes. I have focused so much attention on my blog this year and I am so proud of what it has become over the past 11 months. However I can't wait for 2017 to begin... I have so many ideas that I want to try, not only in my blog, but my personal life too...

So as I said, 2017 has definitely had it's ups and downs, however I think my 2016 highlight has to be travelling to Disneyworld for the first time. It has always been a dream of mines to go and to finally be there and experiencing the Disney 'Buzz' was incredible. Of course I would love to go back but for obvious reasons, it might be a few years until that happens!! However I would like to focus some more on travelling, especially visiting places I have never been! My 2 travel posts on my blog have been extremely popular, hopefully I can get some more posts like this uploaded in the new year!

When  I started a schedule here on my blog back at the beginning of Summer, I wasn't sure how it was going to go.. and stated that it was only temporarily until I could find out if it would work for me! Uploading twice a week can be challenging, however  really am enjoying it and can for sure see it as being something long term. The days aren't set in stone yet. As you all know if you already follow me, I upload on a Monday and Thursday, however this could change when I start my new job in the new year! Nevertheless, I will continue to post regularly... so stay tuned for updates. 

When it comes to my content, I am pretty happy with what is currently being posted, however would love to upload some more 'Baking' tutorials. It is one of my favourite hobbies and something I wish I could upload on a more regular basis (However with full time work etc, it isn't easy). Let me know in the comments if their is anything you would like to see me post about in the comments below!

Over the year, you will have seen he layout of my blog change again and again. The appearance of my blog was something that was extremely important to me and it took me  long time to get it to a point where I was happy with how it looked! You will probably be happy to know I am not planning to make any drastic changes in the near future... I really am happy with the layout of my blog and how it looks now! I am happy that my blog looks the way I want it going into the new year....

In the new year, i don't plan on changing too much with posting etc.  I think throughout the year the quality of my posts has improved drastically and I hope you guys can see how much I have improved. I love all the posts I put live on my blog and you all seem to love the mix of posts that are available... covering  Fashion, Travel, Beauty, and what I like to call 'Advice' posts, helping you guys through everything from 'Stress Handling', to 'Exams' and even 'Body Confidence' (one of my first big posts here on my blog). I am always so open to suggestions so if you have anything you would like to see, or any recommendations, then PLEASE feel free to post them below! :)
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I honestly cannot wait for 2017 to begin... I am so ready for a new year and I have so much planned for my blog. I have already started planning some of my posts for the new year and cannot wait to get them up for you all to read! 

I am still only new to blogging, having only started in February, so if anyone has any recommendations for my blog I really would appreciate it... I am always open to advice! :)

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Until next time, take care..

Nicole <3

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