3 New Year Resolutions that you will stick to!

So I am not normally not the sort of person that will make any new years resolutions. I tend to not stick to them, and after only a few weeks I feel myself going back to all my old habits that  promised would be banished in the new year. Nevertheless, their are goals that can you can easily stick to in the new year. Click here to learn more....

The problem a lot of people make when setting themselves New Years Resolutions is the make them too big. If you tell yourself you are going to go to the gym everyday from now on, although you never went to the gym at all before... it is very unlikely going to work. 

Their are some resolutions you can make in 2017 that are easy to stick to... and you can make successful....

  • Set a regular sleeping pattern

With everything that goes on in our day to day lives, it can be easy to fall into an irregular sleeping pattern. Not only is this going to affect the quality of your sleep... it can affect your health and well being. By setting your body clock to a set schedule and ensuring you get the same amount of sleep every night, you will feel better and much more refreshed.

Why is this an easy resolution to stick with? Because after only a few weeks your body will naturally adjust to your sleep schedule and you will find it gets easier to fall asleep and wake up. You won't need to force yourself to stick with it as your body will adapt and get used to your new routine very quickly... 

  • Find a form of exercise/workout that you enjoy

Get out there and try out different workouts and classes... especially if you find yourself struggling to find motivation to go to the gym. Rather than convincing yourself that you will loose weight or get fit in 2017 by setting yourself the goal of finding a form of workout that you find fun and enjoy taking part in you will find you enjoy getting fit. 

This is much easier to achieve rather than setting yourself the much bigger goal of loosing weight etc. By finding a form of workout that you know you can stick to, you will find it is much easier to achieve a much bigger goal of getting in shape. 

  • Drink more water

Rather than setting yourself a big goal of changing your diet and getting healthy, making small changes to your eating/drinking habits, can be much more realistic. Getting your 2 litres of water a day can make a massive difference to your health and is much easier to stick to. Simple phone apps can help remind you to drink water and simple flavourings can help make your water tasty and much easier to drink, especially handy if you aren't a fan of water in the first place.

After only a few weeks of sticking to your 2 litres a day, you will find a massive difference in your health and your skin. And after only a small time, you'll find it easy to fetch for a glass of water rather than a can of juice. 

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Setting realistic resolutions for 2017 can be difficult, however sticking to them can be easy if you pick the right ones for you. Ensuring you don;t make drastic changes will ensure you don't fail within the first few weeks. If you have any new years resolutions that you think would be great for people who struggle to stick to their goals, make sure to leave them in the comments below!

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Until next time, take care and love you all!

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