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Welcome guys to my first guest post and the first in a new series for 2017 where I talk to a range of bloggers from all backgrounds and abilities....

My first guest post is from the lovely Megan, from 'Money Saving Megan'. Megan has only been blogging for a short time, however in that time has created a great, interesting blog talking about how you can save money and get yourself a bargain. Megan also suffers from O.C.D, something she hasn't talked about much herself, however today, I has the opportunity to ask her a few questions regarding it. Click to hear what she had to say....

1. What made you want to start up a blog?

For months my family and friends had been saying how good some of the deals I had got were and telling me I should start a blog and share my finds with others. I also thought it would be healthy for my OCD to try redirect my focus on to something else, like the blog and money saving.

2. I can imagine OCD is extremely difficult to have. Has this influenced your blog in any way (layout, topic etc)?

Not particularly as my obsession is germ related rather than the layout/placement of items.

3. Has your OCD caused any challenges when it comes to managing your blog and dealing with social media?

Again not particularly though picking up, unpacking boxes and arranging items to take photos is difficult but it’s getting easier!

4. In my opinion, OCD is maybe not talked about as much as it should be and people should be more open regarding the subject. Do you think this should be a topic that is much more openly discussed?

I think a lot of people are aware of what OCD is but don’t fully appreciate how severe it can get. As the term OCD has entered mainstream vocabulary and is often used to describe a person who just like things neat or a certain way, it seems to have lost  its actual meaning, a mental illness which can extremely affect and restrict a person’s life. I manage to make light of it and joke with my friends but it’s so frustrating when you want to do the simplest of things like have a coffee or night out but you can’t.

5. What advice would you give to someone else who is struggling to cope with OCD?

100% to seek help before it gets too bad! Also be open and honest with your family, friends  and GP as they can be a great source of support. I let my OCD get to a point where I couldn’t even leave the house and it ruined a lot of relationships with friends and family – I just wish I’d sought help sooner but hopefully with the help I am now getting I’m on the right path to getting back to my old self J

 6. How has OCD affected your day to day life (if at all)?

 At it's worst I was unable to leave the house, go to work, walk my dog or even use public transport.  I'm getting better slowly but surely though I still have my struggles.

7. Your blog suggests that you like to discuss money saving etc through your posts, is there anything else you would like to discuss or venture into in the future?

I have recently started a new feature which is about getting the latest fashion looks on a budget and I would like to go in to more health and fitness route too (I’m sure most of us overindulged in the Christmas period!) and I would like to share my journey to a healthy body. Also I’m thinking of more lifestyle posts about healthy body & healthy mind starting with a post about keeping a diary/journal next week

8. You have only been blogging for a short time, has it taught you anything and are you enjoying it?

I’m loving it! I used to love art and photography at school but when you work full time you don’t often find time to do many of your old hobbies. Blogging has reminded me of my love for art and writing, and has allowed me to experiment more with makeup. It’s also taught me to be more confident in myself.

9. Do you feel in any way that blogging has helped with your OCD? Has it built your confidence etc?

Definitely, it’s helping me overcome my germ phobia as I have to arrange items for photos and take videos and has given me alot more self belief. It’s also greatly improved my confidence as I have started taking more photos and shared my first unboxing video last week which was scary but I’m glad I did it!

10. Finally, what advice would you give to fellow people who are considering starting up a blog? Is there anything you have learned that you think would be beneficial for someone taking their first step into the blogging community?

I would definitely say go for it! I think the biggest tip I could give is to write for yourself. I heard a quote recently which really helped me when I wasn’t sure whether anyone would be interested in my posts ‘Don’t judge your chapter 1 by someone else’s chapter 30’ – this helped me as I was so nervous about getting started and getting the blog off the ground, just take your time and believe in yourself. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t think you’re doing so well, it takes time.  Everyone in the blogging community has been so friendly and helpful, I would say don’t be scared and go for it!


A Massive thank you to Megan for letting me cover this here on my blog and for sharing her story! Please feel free to leave comments below and make sure you check Megan out over at her blog. I have also left her Twitter so you can go follow her right now! :)

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Thanks for reading and take care

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