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Welcome guys to my second guest post in a new series for 2017 where I talk to a range of bloggers from all backgrounds and abilities....

My second guest post is from Megan, from 'Those Dreaming Days'. Megan likes to discuss a range of areas on her blog, including Travel, Make up and Lifestyle. Megan also has a Youtube account, where she uploads a range of videos covering the same ideas! I wanted to ask Megan how she manages a blog and Youtube account, as well as being a full time school student! Click here to hear what she had to say...

1. How long have your blog and YouTube channel been going for? Did you start both at the same time or was one up and running before the other? I started my blog and YouTube channel about a year ago I think (not exactly sure haha) I'm pretty sure if I'm remembering right(which most the time I'm wrong) I started them both at the same time but I probably uploaded to my blog first
2. Do your prefer managing one of your accounts over the other? Have you got a favourite or do you favor them both equally. I don't have a favourite between the two. I love them both, they can both be so different which makes it even more fun and interesting to do!
3. What made you want to set up a YouTube and blog account? I started them because I used to have a blog with my friend but then she decided she didn't want to do it anymore because we weren't getting many view etc. However I don't and will never to it for views etc and it didn't feel right carrying that one on by myself so I made my own and decided to make my YouTube as well at the same time as it is something I've always wanted to do!
4. How do you manage both accounts. Have you learned anything that has helped you since starting out? I'm not gonna lie having a blog and YouTube channel is tough and I kinda neglected YouTube because doing blog posts is a lot quicker and easier, so I've now got a schedule of blog posts every week (usually 1 or 2) and then 1 video a month on my YouTube of an overview of the month. However during holidays I'm going to try and upload a few extra videos to the channel. But I've just started that this year so we will see how long it lasts haha!

5. I have noticed that most people start with a blog, then move onto YouTube. Do you have any advice for someone who is considering starting on YouTube when they already have a blog? All I would say is be yourself. There's no point in trying to copy someone's personality or anything like that because it will get you nowhere. I know everyone says be yourself but it's true there's no point pretending to be someone your not and it will be a lot less fun for you if your not being you on your channel!
6. Who inspires your blog? Do you look to a particular person for inspiration or have you designed your social media on your own ideas? Of course we all have people we look up to. I love reading successful bloggers blogs and even small bloggers like myself. However I try to keep my own ideas etc original.
7. What do you use to edit blog posts and YouTube videos? Is their any apps or software you find are particularly useful and would recommend? I use photoshop for my blog but I very rarely edit the pictures unless it's adding text because I'm a bit rubbish with that stuff haha. And for YouTube I just use windows movie maker it's free and really easy to use (I mean even I manage to work it haha!)
8. What are your goals for your social media accounts in 2017? Are you planning to make any changes or move into something new? Or are you wanting to keep on the same track? I want to just enjoy it and put a lot more time and effort into it than I did last year. I'm not planning any changes so far but I guess we will just have to see what happens!
9. Do you have any other responsibilities outwith blogging/filming (work, school etc). How do you work around this? I have school and work so it's really hard to plan it around. I'm also sitting my Highers this year at school which are the exams that will (hopefully) get me into uni. I'm not quite sure how I'll manage it but I'm going to try my best and do bits in revision breaks and I also quite enjoy writing posts in bed before I go to sleep as I feel it relaxes me!
10. Finally, what inspired the name of your blog/YouTube?
haha this is a bit boring but basically I'm a huge daydream sometimes you have to literally clap In Front of my face to get me back to the real world. So "those dreaming days" just came from the fact I have a really bad habit of daydreaming haha!

A Massive thank you to Megan for letting me cover this here on my blog and for sharing her story! Please feel free to leave comments below and make sure you check Megan out over at her blog. I have also left her Twitter so you can go follow her right now! :)

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