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I love trying out new make up brands, and with the current Winter sales taking place, it is the perfect opportunity to give some new brands a go. One of my local shopping centers has recently opened a 'Kiko Milano' store and they had a great sale on, so I thought I would pick a few items up and give them a go. Click here to read what I had to say about this Italian brand...

Overall, the first thing I noticed with this brand that it is very similarly packaged to 'Mac' products. All the items come individually boxed the same way as Mac does, and the packaging in some of the products themselves have a very uncanny resemblance, especially the lipsticks. Nevertheless, I see this as a good thing, as they feel very high quality... much better quality to what I expected with the price I paid.

I have tried most of the products from the brand (the only other range I never really tested was their face products, as I never had the chance to colour match any of their foundation etc on my visit). From the products I have tried, overall I am extremely impressed. The lip products are well pigmented and give off great colour and offer a great range of shades... so you are guaranteed a perfect colour no matter what you are looking for. The eye products, including the eyeliner and mascara are 'extremely black', and can be used to create a light day look, or a dramatic night look. 

I do have a few items that are personal favourites and have really surprised me and thought were worth a mention....

These eye shadows are only 2 in a large range of different shades.... however I will for sure be getting more of these next time I visit their shop. The colour pay off with these is amazing, and gives a lot of more upmarket brands a run for their money. 

I went for 2 more natural shades for everyday use, however these have a lot of shimmer in them, and are gorgeous for day or night. This brand does have a range of matte shades also, so if you prefer a more natural eye look, then their are other options out there for you. 

This lipstick has also became a firm favourite in my make up stash. The formula is smooth and creamy and feels great on the lips, without leaving the lips dry and chapped. This colour is a great nude everyday shade, and matches most make up looks. It also isn't too pink, which I find is a problem with a lot of paler nude colours.

Again, I think I only paid £2 for this, and can't wait to stock up with some of the other shades. For the price you pay, the quality is great and something I would definitely recommend.

Kiko Milano also offer a great range of lip liners in a great range of shades to match all lip colours. The are all really easy to apply, as they have a great consistency. The colour pay off is brilliant and the colours are beautiful on. I have use this a few times already and find it lasts well throughout the day and helps keep my lipstick from feathering or fading.

Another bargain, I paid £2 each for these and think for the price I paid, the quality is amazing. Even at the full price (which I believe is still under £5) I wouldn't hesitate to buy them....

I think my favorite product I picked up is their Unmeasurable length Mascara. I am probably the most fussy with my mascaras, as they are one of the best features on my face, so I like to emphasize the length of them. Because of this, it takes a lot for me to find another mascara that Ii like, however this product has managed to do just that. 

This Mascara has a very unusual wand, with short and long fibers that help get every lash with an even coat. This really does make your lashes EXTREMELLY long, and makes your eyes look bigger and more awake. This has already replaced my other mascara in my collection and for under £10 for a big tube of the product, it is something I know will be featuring a lot in my make up collection in 2017!


Overall, Kiko Milano has definitely impressed me. The price is great as it won't break the bank, and the quality of the products is very high. Everything has good colour pay off and looks great on. For sure, I would recommend this to anyone looking for some new make up products in their collection.. especially the Mascara and Lipstick. 

If you have tried any of their products then be sure to let me know what you thought of them in the comments below. 

Until next time, take care and love you all!

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