Tanya Bakes: Chocolate Salted Tart Attempt!

The 'Tanya Bakes' Baking book is one of my absolute favourites as many of you will know and I have already tried a couple of recipes from it in previous posts. I thought I would try making something a little different and try making a tart for the first time. This Salted Chocolate tart was something I just couldn't resist so decided to give it a go!

Again, I am not going to post the recipe, as I don't want to steal it from the book, however one thing I liked about this was how easy it was to make. Only a few easy ingredients were needed and the instructions were easy to follow, meaning that anyone from beginner to pro's bakers could make this successfully!

The base only equired 2 ingredients and some time to cool down. A tart tin is desirable, however I can see how this could be done with a similar tin. I have a tart tin with a removable base which is something I would recommend... it makes it a lot less messy to remove from the tin!

Once the base is ready, the other ingredients are brought to the heat and mixed together then once everything is melted, poured into the tin and left to set! Simple!
This recipe is a salted tart, however you can adjust the amount of salt you add to suit you taste. I tend to put a little sprinkle into the mix and then people can add a little sprinkle to the top if they like when it is being served.

This is such a yummy recipe that is perfect for any chocoholic in your life, Easy to make and perfect for a desert, or a little treat, it is certain to go down a treat. This recipe is surely another great recipe in a great book and I cannot wait to try some of the other recipes in this baking book!

Have you attempted to try this or any other recipies? Let me see them below.. would love to see any pictures you have! :)

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