3 Small Changes that can make your 2017 even better

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We are now well into 2017 and many of us will have given in to those new years resolutions we promised that we would stick to. Whether big or small, making changes to your life can be difficult and many people struggle to keep to their new years goals! Nevertheless, their are 3 small changes that you should make in your life that will help make you happier and healthier... 

Not only that, they are REALLY easy to stick too.... so keep reading!

In this day of age, one of the most common things that we see is peoples obsessions with technology. We rarely see youngsters without their phone in their hands, or people updating their social media accounts. Now, in my opinion their is nothing wrong with this, if that is what people want to do, then so be it! However this can be a strain on your eyes and extremely draining to your body.

So this takes me onto my 1st recommendation. 

1. Gain a hobby that allows you to relax and unwind!

Their are so many things out there that you can do in your free time that can give your body a break from the obsession of social media. Whether you are crafty and take on jewelry making or cross stitching... or if you are musical and decide to learn a new instrument or learn to read music, it is a great way to not only relax and give your body a break but also de-stress!

I have recently discovered I love card making and have found it a great way to unwind after a day at work! A definite recommendation for other craft goers out there!


Another thing we are all guilty of in this day in age, including myself, is finding a good work balance. We forget that life is for living and before we know it, we are wrapped up in the demands of work and deadlines. Many of us will finish our day and continue to work from home... which lets face is the start of a downwards spiral and can cause stress and anxiety in anyone, no matter who we are. 

2. Learn to achieve a good work/social balance

We are all entitled to free time with family, socializing or just some downtime, without the worry of work demands, however it is something that many people often forget. Make sure that you change your attitude to allow you more free time, and you will find you are happier and have improved well-being. Iit will also improve your performance in the work you do undertake, giving you much more opportunity to improve and progress through your career!

Now I understand this may be easier for some people more than others, depending on your job. Remember however we are all human and if you feel you need some time, talk to someone to share your concerns. Your body and mind will thank you.


Lastly, with how mad life can be, it is often forgotten that our bodies need a little TLC at times. I know I probably don't take as good care of myself as I should and I know I am not the only one. Having some me time to pamper ourselves can do us all the world of good and improve out health and appearance. 

Not only that, but by ensuring we eat the right things, we can improve our bodies on the inside too. I don't mean changing our entire diets. But having that extra cup of water at lunch, or grabbing a piece of fruit instead of a packet of crisps occasionally will make a difference. 

3. Take care of yourself and ensure you allow time for some TLC

Give yourself some me time during the week to treat yourself to a little pampering. Our bodies show if we aren't 100% so by ensuring you stay hydrated and treat your skin to some goodies, it will make us look and feel more confident and healthier. Even just a face mask once a week will help keep our skin the best it can be!


These changes are so little that they can easily be achieved and with great results. This year I am proud to say I have done all of these and my overall health and outlook on life has changed greatly! If you decide to give these a go, let me know in the comments how you do! I would love to know!

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Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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