Facing your fashion fears... being body confident!

Body confidence can affect us in a multitude of ways and affect the choices we make in our daily lives. Everything from what we have planned to our friendships can be affected, however one of the things I have noticed has affected me most when it comes to lack of confidence, is what I wear that day. I have so many items in my wardrobe that I absolutely love, however choose not to wear because I think they will look weird or wrong on me.
I was challenged by Dia&Co to face my fears and rock something I would normally see myself putting back in my wardrobe....
Let's face it... 99% of the time, the reason we put back an item of clothing is because we are insecure. We all have insecurities and that in turn affects our confidence when we pick what to wear for the day. I know their have been many occasions where I have quickly changed into another outfit last minute because I didn't feel confident in how I looked.
We all have our own insecurities, for me, I have always wished I had longer legs and feel I need to watch with what I wear or else my legs look really short. Nevertheless, whatever your insecurities are, it is important not to let them interfere with your favourite clothing pieces.
I decided to get out my old boyfriend ripped jeans and rock them for a few days! They are one of my favourite pieced in my wardrobe, but because of my insecurities, I often find myself throwing them back into my wardrobe last minute because I feel my legs look stumpy or short. However I paired them with a pretty simple outfit and rocked them.... and I need to say, I absolutely loved it!
After a few hours, I felt my confidence had came back and I felt great in what I was wearing! Even though I had wore a pretty simple and causal outfit I loved how great I felt and all my insecurities had melted away!
I actually went out and bought myself a few more pairs of boyfriend jeans in different shades and colours... I can't wait to wear them in the future and try out new looks!
It can be daunting, and it can be scary, however facing those fashion fears can eventually make you are more confident and positive person. If you have that piece of clothing, or outfit that you love then you should flaunt it and not let your insecurities get in the way!
This really is something I would recommend and I challenge all of you to face your fears and wear those clothing pieced that you feel insecure about.
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Massive thank you to Dia&Co for challenging me to wear an outfit that I would normally not wear.... remember you can check them out HERE for more information!
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Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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  1. Hi Nicole
    You're beautiful.
    I am not sure how popular your blog is going. But I would suggest you to try youtube videos.
    You'll rock.

    1. Aww thank you! Have thought about it but want to focus on blogging just now, maybe in the future!❤😁

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