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So March 8th 2017 was the day that everyone gathered together to celebrate the women in our lives. They might be your sister, mother, daughter, aunt or even a friend, nevertheless they are all powerful and should be celebrated, not only on this day, but everyday!

I still find it sad that in this day in age women are often treated differently to men, from career prospects, to differences in pay and wages! Men are often seen as the more powerful sex and I know from experience I have often succumbed to this assumption and found myself feeling defeated and low in confidence.

Let's face it, compared to 50 years ago, their is a huge improvement in gender equality, however their will always be a contrast between men and women. It can be difficult to be a women living in that kind of environment where people believe you are the less significant sex. You might be one of the greatest women and achieved so much, yet you often always seem second best! 

I am not saying in anyway that the roles should be switched and men should allow us women to take over. However it shouldn't matter who you are and what your gender is, everyone should be made to feel proud of their accomplishments and be celebrated for them. 

It is so common nowadays especially in women to suffer from self esteem issues and to feel low in confidence, as I said, I am one of them. Women are often perceived in the news to look a certain way or to act specifically because it is what is expected of us. It's tough at times and it is really easy to let it get to us.

We often forget to be ourselves and to ensure we are happy. Yes we all might be women, but we are all different... with our own appearances, personalities, likes and dislikes. That's what makes us all amazing.....

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This is why I love International Women's Day. It celebrates us for being us. It celebrates our differences and our strengths. All the expectations are dropped and we are all made to feel proud of the accomplishments we have achieved and are reminded that we are all amazing, no matter who we are.

If you are often suffering from self esteem issues, or are feeling low in confidence and feeling the pressure, remember to celebrate what this day is made for. Remember that you are a wonderful person and you should be proud of everything you have done and who you are! International Women's day is a great yearly reminder of this, however it is up to us to remind ourselves of this fact the rest of the year!

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